Monster Hunter Rise Wirebug Guide – How to Use Wirebugs, Jewel Lillies

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In this Monster Hunter Rise Wirebug Guide we will guide you on the brand-new mechanic Wirebug introduced in the title. While the Monster Hunter franchise may be very old, every title comes with new mechanics that keep the gameplay fresh and unique for every title. This time around, Monster Hunter Rise has introduced the new Wirebug mechanic and it is exceptionally useful for players in the game.

Wirebug Guide – Monster Hunter Rise

Our Monster Hunter Rise Wirebug Guide details everything that you need to know about Wirebug in Monster Hunter Rise.

Wirebug in Monster Hunter Rise

Wirebug is a new tool and mechanic in Monster Hunter Rise that greatly expands your mobility and attack arsenal in the game. For starters, a Wirebug will allow you to move around, use it as a weapon, dodge enemy attacks and even reach areas that are otherwise impossible to reach with normal jumps. That is why they greatly increase your mobility in the game. Depending on your creativity and playstyle, you can use the wirebugs in many different ways to help you in the game.

How to Use Wirebug

For using them in movement, it allows you to throw wirebugs on the designated location and then pulling yourself to that bug. You can use it for reaching areas that are otherwise very hard to reach. Holding the ZL key on the keyboard will allow you to aim and pressing ZR will allow you to fire it at your desired location. Its use in combat is however much more different. First of all, you must sheath your weapon. Once it is done, simply press the ZL button to aim at the monster and then either press A or X to unleash your Wirebug’s Silkbind Attack. You only get 2 shots for the Wirebug per mission so make sure that you use them effectively.

Uses of Wirebug

There are three main uses of Wirebug in Monster Hunter Rise. You can use them for:

  • Moving Around the Map – Sometimes you will come across areas that are simply impossible to get to with jumps or some huge gaps in the ground that you might not be able to cover with jumps. You can use the Wirebug in these locations to help you move around the map easily.
  • Recover Quickly from Monster Attacks – Most of the powerful monster attacks in the game will send you flying if they hit you directly so you can use the Wirebug to quickly recover from these knockdowns. After the attack, quickly press ZL and then B and this will quickly recover you from the powerful attack and give you a chance to strike back quickly.
  • Silkbind Attacks – These Silkbind Attacks vary from weapon to weapon however their basic purpose remains the same. As you land the attack, you will be able to deal damage to the monsters and put them in a mountable state for even more damage dealing. Make sure that you save your Wirebug for your fights as Silkbind Attacks are really useful in various scenarios.

Acquiring Giant Wirebugs

Apart from the normal Wirebugs, you can also acquire Giant Wirebugs in Monster Hunter Rise that will allow you to reach certain parts of the map. You can get these Giant Wirebugs from the Senior Hunter Hanenaga who is located right next to the Buddy Plaza. Your first Giant Wirebug is free when you speak with him however you can return to him later to complete some delivery missions for him in exchange for more Giant Wirebugs.

Activate Jewel Lilies

Jewel Lilies allow you to use Greater Wirebugs and these are scattered all over the map. Once activated, you can return to them to get access to them again in the future, so you just have to find and activate these Jewel Lilies once. Using these Greater Wirebugs, you can jump to a different area quickly.

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This concludes our Monster Hunter Rise Wirebug Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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