Monster Hunter Rise Great Wroggi Guide – How to Beat, Attacks, Weaknesses

Monster Hunter Rise Great Wroggi Guide

This Monster Hunter Rise Great Wroggi Guide will show you how you can defeat the Great Wroggi monster in the game. This monster can be found in the Flooded Forest where you will find this monster accompanied by smaller Wroggis.

The Great Wroggi is another returning monster that can be found in Monster Hunter Rise. This monster is part of a quest where you are tasked with beating this monster to claim rewards.

Monster Hunter Rise Great Wroggi Guide

Below we have detailed how to beat Great Wroggi in Monster Hunter Rise

How to Beat Great Wroggi

When you first find the Great Wroggi, you will find it being accompanied by smaller Wroggis. Before you decide to engage, make sure you have enough antidote as the monster deals poison damage with one of its attacks. This attack will have you caught in the fight, adding a poisoned effect on you.

The poisonous breath attack is indicated by the purple poison smoke that lingers for a short period. If you run into this smoke, you will be poisoned but this is where you can use your antidote.

To make things easier in this fight, you should attack the Great Wroggi’s head to weaken it. This will break the head parts, significantly increasing the monster’s vulnerability in the battle. When enough damage is dealt, the Great Wroggi will flee, prompting you to chase it and resume the fight in the next area. The strategy in this phase is pretty much the same, while you can attack the Great Wroggi’s head or any part of the body to deal decent damage.

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