Monster Hunter Rise Great Izuchi Guide – How to Beat, Weaknesses, Attacks

Monster Hunter Rise Great Izuchi Guide

This Monster Hunter Rise Great Izuchi Guide will show you how you can beat another new monster in the game called Great Izuchi. While the Great Izuchi isn’t the toughest monster you will be facing in the game, it still packs a punch in its attacks and can catch you by surprise in the battle.

The good thing about this battle is that you don’t need anything special as any decent weapon of your choice and regular healing items will be enough to take this monster down. However, you have a big advantage if you have a clear strategy to follow, anticipate the monster’s attacks, and how to counter them with your own.

Monster Hunter Rise Great Izuchi Guide

Below we have detailed how you can beat the Great Izuchi monster in the game.

How to Beat Great Izuchi

The Great Izuchi comes accompanied by two smaller Izuchis that fight alongside it. While the monster might not seem that tough to beat, it still has powerful attacks that are enough to take you out. The two smaller Izuchis also play their role pretty well in attacking you alongside their leader, trying to overwhelm you with their combined attacks.

Your strategy in the fight is pretty simple and straightforward. Always look to attack the monster on its sides, but also find ways to hit its head, which is the monster’s weakest point. Most of the Great Izuchi’s attacks are produced in front of it, which means you should steer clear of being in front of it, dodging and positioning yourself at its side to attack.

Not all of this monster’s attacks are focused in front of it, as it can use its ferocious and most powerful weapon which is its tail to whip at you. This powerful attack is enough to knock you over, giving you a taste of this monster’s attacking power. To avoid being hit by this attack, you should be on the move or stay away until this attack is complete. If you are out of range, it will produce its Charge attack where you will have to dodge in either direction to avoid it.

Lastly, The Great Izuchi has the Tail Spin attack where it first roars looking up at the sky, commanding the little Izuchi’s to sync a Tail Spin attack. This is another powerful attachment that can overwhelm you because of the other Izuchi’s in the move as well. You can avoid this by moving away, but it is only a matter of time for the monster to repeat it again. What you can do here is to take out the smaller Izuchi’s and then focus your attacks on the Great Izuchi. The monster will repeat the Tail Spin attack even if it is alone, but at least it will be more manageable.

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