Monster Hunter Rise Frame Dodge Guide – iFrames, Emergency Evade

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Monster Hunter Rise features some of the most formidable monsters that the franchise has ever seen. With new monsters, comes new attacks to avoid as well and some of the attacks in the game are extremely hard to avoid. For this reason, we have curated this Monster Hunter Rise Frame Dodge Guide which focuses on a special method in order to evade monster attacks using the invincibility frames or iFrames in the game during which you cannot be hurt by the monsters.

Frame Dodge Guide – Monster Hunter Rise

Our Monster Hunter Rise Frame Dodge Guide details everything that you need to know about using the Frame Dodge or iFrames to avoid taking damage in the game.

Understanding the Emergency Evade

Emergency Evade tends to look like the normal type of evading in the game however it comes with a very long invincibility time that allows you a safe evade and does not let you take any sort of damage from enemies in the game during its entirety. Some of the monsters come with attacks that are nearly impossible to dodge in the game and they also deal massive amounts of damage to you if they hit you. For these attacks, you have the Emergency Evade which allows you to safely dodge the attacks.

However, you must time your Emergency Evade right and in the right direction to make it actually work. The Emergency Evade only works if you are facing away from the incoming attack and then you dodge while the attack is coming towards you. This means that you must be running away from the incoming attack and while running, press B to perform an Emergency Evade. This will ensure that you not only dodge the attack but also not take any damage from the enemy. This invincibility frame will last between the time you press B and until your character stands up.

Frame Dodge in Monster Hunter Rise

Frame Dodge is a unique type of dodge in Monster Hunter Rise which is done using the clever iFrame or Invincibility Frames in the game. To use these iFrames, you must have a very good understanding of the attacks of the monster that you are fighting. By default, your evade has a small iFrame right at its very start so if you time your evade to perfection, your evade will be in its iFrame when the attack connects with you during the evade and you will not take any damage while continuing with the dodge.

I will repeat here that this is not a move that can be mastered within a few minutes. Apart from your own perfect timing, you must have a sound knowledge of your enemy and their attacks., Timing is everything for these iFrames to work for the Frame Dodge. You are essentially using a very small window to get past the incoming attack. In addition, some of the weapons do not allow this window at all in the game. You must also be rolling towards the attack for the iFrames to work. Evade Extend skill extends the duration of your iFrames as well so this skill is very handy in the game.

That is all for this guide. if you need more help with the game, make sure that you check out the guides linked below.

This concludes our Monster Hunter Rise Frame Dodge Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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  1. So you tell us that some weapons can’t make use of the dodge frame but you don’t tell us which? Why would you leave that information out?

    1. All weapons can use iframes, and all weapons have the same amount of iframes on their dodge (4 by default). The only differences are the sword and shield backstep, the longsword foresight slash, and the hunting horn performance, which have more iframes.

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