Monster Hunter Rise Combat Guide – Tips and Tricks to Defeat Monsters

Monster Hunter Rise Combat Guide

In this Monster Hunter Rise Combat Guide we will share some combat tricks and tips with you if you are just starting playing Monster Hunter Rise. Monster Hunter Rise introduces some clever new mechanics in the game that will allow you to tackle combat differently when directly compared with previous entries in the franchise. The following guide covers almost everything that you need to know about getting better at combat in the game.

Combat Guide – Monster Hunter Rise

Our Monster Hunter Rise Combat Guide details everything that you need to know about combat in Monster Hunter Rise.

Master One Weapon Before Trying Others

Okay, you are free to try other weapons before mastering one weapon, but it is important that you learn one weapon and absolutely master it before using other weapons in the game. Monster Hunter Rise comes with all of the traditional weapons that you would normally expect in a Monster Hunter title, so you have a lot of options to choose from depending on your own unique skills and playstyle.

Each weapon offers a unique playing experience so you must take these weapons very seriously. Switching to a different weapon here means that you are switching the combat gameplay for yourself. This is how much each weapon is different from the other. While the best way to find your preferred weapon is to try all of them out, you can also get comfortable with them in the new Training Area in the game. If you are a Monster Hunter pro, then you will already have a preferred weapon and playstyle but if you are just starting with the game, I cannot emphasize the importance of finding the perfect weapon for yourself and getting yourself acquainted with it as soon as possible.

Always Upgrade Your Equipment

As you continue to defeat monsters in the game, you will unlock additional armor sets in the game along with access to new materials to upgrade your armor and weapons to their maximum. While the starting monsters may be easily manageable with the starting weapons and armor sets, it will not be long before you will be forced to upgrade both your armor and weapons. New materials will allow you to upgrade your weapons and craft new armor sets that offer increased damage stats as well as increased defense stats. Some armor sets are more capable of certain monster types so make sure that you craft and keep a variety of armor sets for different monsters.

Always Go Prepared for a Battle

Monster Hunter Rise has a plethora of monsters of the fight, yet it gives you a plethora of options to prepare for each fight too. These include the right type of armor sets, a large variety of weapons to choose from, and most importantly, eating a hearty meal before every fight. This is one of my favorite mechanics in any Monster Hunter title, feasting. While Monster Hunter World took feasting to a whole new level, Monster Hunter Rise comes with its own dedicated Canteen as well where you can eat to your fill before heading out to battle.

Food types of course are varied here and go along the theme of Monster Hunter Rise but the game details every flavor in the game pretty thoroughly so make sure that you eat the right type of food to get the right type of buffs for yourself and your companions before heading out for battles. Other preparations include making sure that you have enough health potions. A tougher battle will demand a higher number of potions so make sure that you stock up on those Mega Potions and if the monster is poisonous, craft some antidotes as well. Always prepare well for battles.

Always Lock-On the Monsters for Easy Combat

Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise tend to move a lot, and some will roll, jump, fly and even dig in the ground and then pop out to attack you. It is important to position yourself in the game properly to dodge incoming attacks and send your own attacks on the enemies as well. For this purpose, there is a handy lock-on feature that will keep your camera fixed on the monsters and their movements giving you a good view of the monster at all times. Use this feature to keep the monster in your sights at all times and plan your upcoming attacks and dodges.

Always Try to Dodge Incoming Attacks

While you might be using the most powerful weapon in the game, every monster has the capability of hitting you and sending you flying in the air and sometimes even knocking you out which is something you cannot really afford if you are playing with a party of two or three players. For this purpose, you must always keep an eye on incoming attacks and roll out of the way to dodge incoming monster attacks.

Some of the powerful weapons like the Great Sword also allow you to block incoming monster attacks at the cost of its sharpness but make sure that you are trying to avoid all incoming attacks either by rolling, dodging, or jumping around and even blocking if you have a capable weapon. The new Wirebug will also help you massively in order to dodge incoming monster attacks and even getting behind enemies so make sure that you use it wisely and with a good strategy.

Ride Monsters to Deal Damage

Monster riding is back in Monster Hunter Rise and has become really easy as well thanks to the new Wirebug mechanic. For more information, check out our dedicated Wirebug Guide. Once you have dealt enough damage to monsters, you can ride them by using various skills to make them enter their mountable states. Once the monsters are in the mountable state, you can use mount them and attack them. If there are other monsters in the area, you can also attack them using the monster as your tamed pet as long as you remain mounted on top of them. This is a fun mechanic so make sure that you use it often.

Learn Monster Attacks and How to Counterattack Them

Every monster in Monster Hunter Rise comes with a dedicated attack and move set that they use in the game against you. While their attack patterns and attacks may differ in how much they use each of their attacks, the overall scope of their attacks and attack pattern remains limited. So it is always best that you understand the attacks and attack patterns of each monster. Some monsters will charge you when you become too far while some will land powerful AoE attacks if you get too close to them.

Some of the monsters will start flying and then close up to you for attacks while some will use their tails as powerful weapons if you get behind their back. Each monster has a set of patterns and it is extremely important that you learn all of their attacks and their attack patterns because they help you out immensely in different scenarios. If you know the attacks of a monster, then you can be ready to counter their attacks very easily because each monster performs a specific move before landing certain attacks. Learn their attacks, movements, and patterns and approach each fight with a proper strategy and gear. Use the Training Area for practice if you have to.

Practice for Difficult Monsters in the Training Area

Monster Hunter Rise is not an easy game. While it may not be as punishing as the Dark Souls franchise, some of the monsters in the game are certainly not an easy treat for you to nibble on. Rather some of the monsters will be nibbling on you as you were a tasty treat for them. For such monsters, you will need to practice. Make use of the new training area and practice different combos and attacks there.

Previous titles did not come with a training area so if you just starting on the franchise with Monster Hunter Rise, consider yourself lucky and sharpen up in the Training Area. You can practice with different weapons inside it and try to land the deadliest weapon combos all within safe walls and without any worries of getting knocked out by deadly monsters. You can also try out new weapons that you have not used much previously here to try them out and practice with them to get better in the game.

Bring Along Some Friends

Monster Hunter Rise can be extremely fun with your friends so if you are relatively new to the game, make sure that you bring around some seasoned hunters along with you that might help you out with the game as well as help you take out some of the tougher monsters in the game. However, there is one thing that you should keep in mind is that the more players come together for a battle, the higher the health pool of the monster becomes so with multiple players, it will take much longer to defeat monsters when directly compared with solo.

It is a bit of a bargain, but personally, even with higher health pools for monsters in multiplayer, I have enjoyed playing the game with my friends rather than solo so I will highly recommend that if you have some friends who are good at the game, bring them along with the fight. You will enjoy the game a lot more and even become good at the game like your friends as they will be teaching you stuff on the go as battles change.

Upgrade Your Palico and Palamutes

Monster Hunter Rise brings a brand-new companion alongside your Palico, the Palamutes. Palamutes are offensive companions that not only help you out in battles against the monsters but also help you move around the maps quickly by letting you ride them. Just like your Palicos, you can equip armor sets on your Palamutes as well. Make sure that you make your Palico and Palamutes more effective in combat by upgrading both of them.

Equipping the best armor on them will mean that they will be able to sustain more punishment in combat scenarios and gain the aggro of monsters for longer giving you more opportunities to land powerful attacks. You can also perform various actions on the Palamute such as sharpening your blade while you are chasing after an escaping monster so make sure that you keep your Palico and Palamute in their top shapes.

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This concludes our Monster Hunter Rise Combat Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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