Monster Hunter Rise Best Starter Weapons Guide – Best Weapons for Beginners

Monster Hunter Rise Best Starter Weapons Guide

Weapons play a vital role in Monster Hunter Rise and it is important that you find the best weapon for yourself in the game as soon as possible. With 14 unique weapons to choose from, it is important that you pick the weapon that suits your gameplay style. However, not all weapons in the game are easy to play with and if you are just starting with the game, it is recommended that you pick weapons that are easier to play with. For this reason, we have curated this Monster Hunter Rise Best Starter Weapons Guide that will help you pick weapons that are easier to play for beginners.

Best Starter Weapons Guide – Monster Hunter Rise

Our Monster Hunter Rise Best Starter Weapons Guide details all weapons that are more suitable for newcomers and beginner’s in Monster Hunter Rise. If you are relatively new to the franchise, I will highly recommend that you check out our Beginner’s Guide and Combat Guide as well for more help with the game. Now let’s start with the easiest weapons to play with in Monster Hunter Rise.


Probably the most typical weapon in the game, the Bow is your weapon of choice if you want to keep your distance from the monsters at all costs. Equipped with a plethora of arrow types, the bow can be a devastating weapon in the right hand. It has a low learning curve and some of the ammo for it in the game is just insane and allows you to absolutely own the monsters from a distance. Its low learning curve makes it probably the best choice for newcomers in the game.

Sticking to a greater distance ensures that you are never in direct melee range of the monsters and there is an increased chance that you will see all of the attacks coming toward you giving you plenty of time to dodge them or simply getting out of their way. If some attacks do hit you, you are also at a safe distance to quickly heal yourself before another attack comes down on you. With the Bow, the Focus Shot is your ultimate move which allows you to focus on killing the monster rather than worrying about stamina management.


Hammer is a great weapon of choice for new players as well because it can target both ground and airborne monsters with ease. The attacks are easy to master and the Silkbind Attacks are excellent at keeping the monsters in check especially the airborne monsters with the Impact Crater and Silkbind Bludgeon. It might be a little slower than other weapons on this list but still offers decent mobility even with you having the weapon in your hand.

Switch Axe

The Switch Axe is a hybrid weapon that can be converted into an axe or a sword on demand. While many players find this weapon a little challenging, it is still a good starting weapon offering a decent mix of moves in both of its forms. You will need some time getting used to both forms but once you have gotten the hang of this weapon, you will be changing its form on the go and dealing massive damage to monsters in no time. Its Skillbind Attack, the Invincibility Gambit provides immunity against flinch and being knocked out which is a massive advantage in a game like Monster Hunter Rise where every monster can make you fly with its powerful attacks.

Light Bowgun

Light Bowgun is a unique weapon in Monster Hunter Rise that allows players to shoot a variety of ammo at the monsters from a safe distance. It is relatively heavier, so it means that mobility is somewhat limited but if you are playing with other players, no other weapon in the game supports team play than the Light Bowgun. With this weapon, you can shoot various recovery and buff ammo for your teammates that are really helpful in monster fights.

Different types of damage-dealing ammo also ensure that you can induce different status effects on the monsters making it easier for others to take advantage. Just make sure that always bring enough ammo to your fights to actually make the Light Bowgun effective in combat. You can also craft ammo on the go if you have the required materials so you can run away from fights, craft some ammo and join back in action.

Sword & Shield

Sword & Shield is the ultimate combination in Monster Hunter Rise offering a decent balance of both offense and defense. The sword is smaller than both the Long Sword and Great Sword which means that it offers higher mobility in the game and you can use the shield to block most attacks in the game as well as long as you have stamina. In addition, since you have each of the items quipped in one hand, you can use Mega Potions, Potions, or any other Potion without the need of sheathing your weapon first making it a great choice for players who want a safe bet when it comes to dealing damage and avoiding damage at the same time.

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This concludes our Monster Hunter Rise Best Starter Weapons Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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