Monster Hunter Rise Arzuros Guide – How to Beat, Weaknesses, Attack Patterns

Monster Hunter Rise Arzuros Guide

This Monster Hunter Rise Arzuros Guide will show you how to beat one of the returning monsters in the game, Arzuros. We will detail this monster’s attack patterns and what its weak points are which are effective for dealing damage.

Arzuros can be found in the Shrine Ruins region of the game, where much like other monsters, it is part of a quest which tasks you to defeat it.

Monster Hunter Rise Arzuros Guide

Below we have detailed how to beat Arzuros in Monster Hunter Rise

How to Bear Arzuros

Arzuros has several different attacks that it will hit you with. However, most of the attacks it produces are in front of it, making it’s back a pretty safe area to deal damage or to avoid most of its attacks. As far as the weak points are concerned, the head of the Arzuros and the tail are two weak points you can go for. The head will be tougher to hit considering the monster will be countering with its own attacks, which means you are better of hitting its tail to deal damage.

One of the attacks this monster introduces you with is its law swing that it does form one side to the other. This attack is to clear out targets in close range and should be avoided by staying back a little. Though you are better off attacking its tail, it has a sneaky trick of using its hip to slide back and crush anything behind. This is the main attack you should be on the lookout for when attacking Arzuros’ tail.

Occasionally, the monster will try to grab you and incapacitate you for a short while. Interestingly, if you have honey in your inventory, the monster’s greed will take over as it goes for the honey, leaving it vulnerable for a short period.

Lastly, one other attack is the rush forward that it does to cover the distance between the two of you. Though this is a powerful attack, you can pretty much anticipate it and move out of the way.

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