Monster Hunter Rise Aknosom Guide – How to Beat, Attacks, Weaknesses

Monster Hunter Rise Aknosom Guide

This Monster Hunter Rise Aknosom Guide will show you how to beat one of the new monsters in the game called Aknosom. This monster can be found in the Shrine Ruins area where once you start the quest, you have 50 minutes to defeat this monster.

Aknosom can be quite tricky in the battle, especially considering the attacks it brings in the fight. However, with a decent strategy where you know the attack patterns and weaknesses, you can effectively take this monster down before the time limit expires.

Monster Hunter Rise Aknosom Guide

Below we have detailed how you can beat Aknosom, detailed its attacks, and its weaknesses.

How to Beat Aknosom

One of the first attacks this bird-like monster will hit you with is with the slamming beak which is a close-range attack. This attack can be easily dodged but is an indication that the monster does not like anyone near its close proximity. This is also evident with the wing swipe attack which has decent range if you are very close to the monster, and will knock far back.

The wing swipe attack starts with an animation, which is where you should back off completely. At times, you might get caught in this attack if you were too close to begin with, or were focusing more on your attacks. Either way, if you can anticipate Aknosom’s close-range attacks and keep moving between your attacks, you will have a pretty good chance of reaching this battle’s conclusion very soon.

When the two of you have some distance between yourselves, the Aknosom will produce a couple of ranged attacks, starting with the charging attack it goes for right in front of it. This attack is pretty fast but can be easily predicted if you have more than ample distance from the monster. Once you dodge this attack, begin your barrage of attacks and possibly a heavy combo. This attack gives you a window of hitting the monster for decent damage, enough for it to flee.

Occasionally, Aknosom will also let out a scream, where if you are caught in its radius, you will be staggered for a short period. Moving on to the weaknesses this monster has, you are better off with a hammer or any blunt weapon to hit the wings, head, and torso. These areas are pretty much the weakest points of an Aknosom and will get you the most damage out of each hits.

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