MLB The Show 21 Stadium Creator Guide – How to Create Your Stadium, Assign Stadium

MLB The Show 21 Stadium Creator Guide

This MLB The Show 21 Stadium Creator Guide will show you how you can create your own stadium and assign in the game. The Stadium Creator mode allows you to make your own stadium with every specification you want in it and how it should look when playing in it.

The Stadium Creator mode is available in both the Franchise mode and the Road to the Show mode, which means you can create, assign, and play in your own creation.

MLB The Show 21 Stadium Creator Guide

Below we have detailed how to use the Stadium Creator mode to make your own stadium in MLB The Show 21.

How to Create Your Stadium

To start the creation of your own stadium requires you to go to the main menu and pressing the Create button and then select the Stadium Creator. This is where you can choose from several templates for how you want your stadium to look like.

There are many other options you can look into and choose from to make your dream stadium for your own team. Different structures ranging from classic to modern allow the stadium to have the aesthetic that you love to see in a stadium, there are many smaller details that can be changed as well depending on your preferences.

How to Assign Stadium

Now that you have your own stadium, it is time to assign it to your team so that you can play in this new creation of yours. To do that, go to Road to the Show and then to the League menu where you can select the Stadium assignment button.

In this menu, you will have to find the stadium that you just created and then assign it to your own team. Now you are all set to have your team play in your own stadium.

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This concludes our MLB The Show 21 Stadium Creator Guide. Post your comments below.

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