MLB The Show 21 Pitching Guide – Pinpoint Pitching, Classic Pitching

MLB The Show 21 Pitching Guide

This MLB The Show 21 Pitching Guide will show you all the different pitching controls the game has to offer and which ones should you choose from. Depending on your play style and how familiar you are with the game, you can pick from the easiest pitching controls to the ones that offer some challenge by mixing things up.

Pitching settings is like choosing your controls for pitching, where this setting can be picked when you have chosen your team. The best way to understand each of the pitching controls is to try out each method and decide which one works for you best.

MLB The Show 21 Pitching Guide

Below we have listed all the pitching controls and how they work in the game.

Classic Pitching

This is the easiest pitching control setting you can opt for as a beginner or if you just want to understand the basic mechanics while removing anything that can make things complicated. If you are just getting started with MLB The Show 21, the Classic is the way to go.

With Classic Pitching, all you have to do is to choose the pitch you want and the location of it.

Pulse Pitching

This is the second easiest pitching control setting you can opt for after the Classic and comes with a single mechanic that mixes things up. Much like the Classic where you have to choose the pitch and the location, the Pulse adds in a new mechanic where you have to press the pitch button at the right moment when the pulsing circle is the smallest.

Pinpoint Pitching

For a more challenging and authentic experience of the game, you have Pinpoint Pitching which sets up multiple mechanics you have to master in order to pitch accurately. After the usual picking of the pitch and the location you want the ball to go, you are given a pattern that needs to be accurately followed on the analog stick of your controller.

You also have to note that the patterns will differ as you play with a different pitcher, which makes things even more interesting as it forces you to learn new pitching patterns.

Meter Pitching

This is another pitching control you can go for which comes with a different mechanic you have to go for, rather than the pattern ones in Pinpoint Pitching. It follows the same method of choosing the pitch and location as all the other controls but requires you to hold the button as the line is moving up and down the meter. Releasing the button at the top will determine the pitch speed while forcing you to press again as the line goes back for your pitch to be accurate.

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