MLB The Show 21 Loadouts Guide – How to Use Loadouts

MLB The Show 21 Loadouts Guide

This MLB The Show 21 Loadouts Guide will show you how you can use loadouts and customize your player to your liking. Loadouts are nothing new in the MLB game series which allows you to create your player before heading into the Road to the Show.

MLB The Show 21 brings in a few new features to loadouts in the game this year, giving you more customization options.

MLB The Show 21 Loadouts Guide

Below we have detailed how to use loadouts in the game.

How to Use Loadouts

You can use loadouts by first clicking on the top left profile icon in the main menu of the game. Clicking it will open your player’s appearance and a tab that will list the aspects you can equip on your player. You can pick three Aspects here that will affect your player’s attributes.

The aspects you choose to equip will increase the player’s skill by 20 points, regardless of which one you pick. Loadouts will define your player for example if you want your character to be a catcher and a really good one, first equip the Slick Fielding followed by Power I, and Contact V. Each of the skills you have will level up as you play, making your player better than what you start off with.

If you can’t find any good choices in loadouts for your player, you can make additional loadouts on the loadout page and then equip the one you find will work best for you before a game. This allows you to mix and match with loadouts in the game, giving you the advantage to perform better in areas your character is strong at. This will also shape your player and define him as your progress in Road to the Show.

This concludes our MLB The Show 21 Loadouts Guide. Post your comments below.

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