How to Get Mirrorstone and Lightstone in Wild Hearts

How to Get Mirrorstone and Lightstone in Wild Hearts

Upgrading your weapons in Wild Hearts will require you to find and use special items like the Mirrorstone and Lightstone. These can be obtained from ores scattered all around the world of the game. While these are not the only upgrading materials that you will need in the game, the Mirrorstone and the Lightstone are the two materials that are required in the early stages of the game.

How to Get Mirrorstone and Lightstone in Wild Hearts

Mirrorstone and Lightstone ores are both obtained in different regions of the game. If you are looking for Lighstone, you will find in Fuyufusagi Fort when you reach the second chapter of the game. The Mirrorstone can be found in Akikure Canyon, right as you step in the second chapter of the game.

These ores can be obtained when you are out and exploring the world of Wild Hearts, where you have a chance of obtaining the right material when you find an ore. However, you can make this job easy by unlocking the Tsukumo Ore Shrine Dragon Karakuri and making a small shrine for the Tsukomos.

Place one of these shrines at your dragon pit or your camp in regions where you are likely to find both Mirrorstone and Lightstone. This means that you need to put up a shrine for the Tsukomos in Fuyufusagi Fort and the Akikure Canyon region and let the robots do the hard work for you.

Return back to the locations and the robots will have picked different types of ores, where you are also likely to find Mirrorstone and Lighstone.

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That’s how you can get both these materials to upgrade your weapons as shown in this How to Get Mirrorstone and Lightstone in Wild Hearts. Post your comments below.


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