Outrageous Mini-Game Extravaganza Floor is…What!? Set to Unleash Quirky Chaos in Q4 2024

Floor is…What!?

Get ready to dive into a whirlwind of absurdity and laughter as Floor is…What!?, the much-anticipated four-player party game featuring over 50 minigames, gears up for its grand debut on Steam this fall. Developed by Pyramid Lake Games and published by Midwest Games, this family-friendly extravaganza promises a riotous blend of mayhem and camaraderie.

Prepare yourself for an epic showdown where only the most skilled—or perhaps the most devious—will reign supreme! With a lineup of more than 50 minigames designed to test your patience, coordination, and friendships, Floor is…What!? guarantees non-stop entertainment. Engage in thrilling four-player challenges, both online and locally, as you compete head-to-(bobble)head in a variety of chaotic scenarios.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

Bid farewell to caution as you gleefully send Grandma hurtling into a lava pit from your dungeon lair—because why not? Commiserate with your roommate who meets a bombastic demise on a supposedly serene beach. And settle sibling rivalries with a barrage of snowballs on treacherous ski slopes. In Floor is…What!?, revel in the guilt-free joy of unleashing delightful chaos.

This game is designed for everyone, featuring simple controls, adjustable difficulty settings, and AI opponents catering to all skill levels. Hone your strategies in practice modes before diving into competitive matches—be it three vs. one, two vs. two, or an all-out brawl. And don’t forget to submit your wackiest character names to be enthusiastically announced during gameplay!

Floor is…What!?

Step into the arena as a mischievous bobble-head, customizable with over 200 collectible components. Mix and match bear, duck, and dinosaur heads with quirky bodies, adding flair with funky hairstyles, facial hair, accessories, and taunting voice lines. Progress through ranks to unlock mystery toy boxes, amassing new pieces to create increasingly amusing contenders.

We welcome everyone—friends, family, skeletons, and dinosaurs—to a ‘friendly’ bout of chaotic fun testing wit and reflexes,” remarked Josh Garity, Studio Head of Pyramid Lake Games. “Challenge your closest pals, fiercest rivals, or even your imaginary friends. We’re thrilled to witness the uproarious antics players will unleash when the game launches later this year!”

Floor is…What!?

“Floor is…What!?” is slated for release on PC via Steam in Q4 2024, with multilingual support across more than 10 languages, ensuring players worldwide can join in the uproar.

Would you be interested in playing Floor is…What!? when it launches later this year and what are your initial thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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