Minecraft Dungeons Weapons Guide – Weapon Abilities, Perks

Minecraft Dungeons Weapons Guide

This Minecraft Dungeons Weapons Guide will list all the types of weapons with their abilities and perks found in the game. There are various types of weapons from swords to maces and hammers.

Minecraft Dungeons also offers ranged weapons with crossbows and bows that you can use against enemies that are some distance away. Let’s take a look at all the weapons that you can get in the game and what special abilities they have in combat.

Minecraft Dungeons Weapons Guide

Below we have detailed all the weapons found in Minecraft Dungeons.




Pickaxe Pickaxe Common Weapon
Diamond Pickaxe Pickaxe This weapon helps you get more Emeralds
Axe Axe Common Weapon
Double Axe Axe This weapon allows you to burn down mobs, while also giving a spinning attack move
Gauntlets Gauntlet This weapon gives you combo attacks
Daggers Dagger Dual weald weapon
Fangs of Frost Dagger This is also a dual wield weapon that will slow groups of enemies
Great Hammer Hammer This weapons has the Great Slash ability
Hammer of Gravity Hammer This weapon also has the Great Splash ability and it pulls in the enemies with its gravity.
Sickles Sickle Dual weald weapon
Mace Mace Common weapon
Sun’s Grace Mace This weapon will first blind and then chain the enemies all together.
Sword Sword Common Weapon
Diamond Sword Sword This sword deals extra damage than the common sword
Soul Crossbow Crossbow Gathers +2 Souls
Feral Soul Crossbow Crossbow Critical Boost on Souls, and gathers +2 Souls
Voidcaller Crossbow Gravity pulls in the enemy, while it also gathers +2 Souls
Scatter Crossbow Crossbow Fires 3 projectiles at the enemies
Lightning Harp Crossbow Crossbow 3 projectiles that can also ricochet for damage
Rapid Fire Crossbow Crossbow High speed of firing
Butterfly Crossbow Crossbow High speed of firing, and can also hit two enemies with one shot
Heavy Crossbow Crossbow Extra damage dealing shots
Doom Crossbow Crossbow Extra damage dealing shots that knocks backs enemies
Crossbow Crossbow Fast shooting projectiles
The Slicer Crossbow Fast shooting projectiles that have the chance of having piercing bolts
Exploding Crossbow Crossbow Blows up on impact with the target
Imploding Crossbow Crossbow Pulls in and implodes the target
Bow Bow Common weapon
Hunting Bow Bow Your pets will also attack the targets
Master’s Bow Bow Extra damage while pets attack targets
Longbow Bow Charged attacks that deal damage
Red Snake Bow Charged attacks that can also explode upon impact
Power Bow Bow Charged attacks that deal damage
Elite Power Bow Bow Charged attacks that deals  extra damage
Shortbow Bow Common weapon
Bow of Lost Souls Bow Gathers +2 Souls and has the chance for a Multishot
Trickbow Bow Hits several targets at once.

This concludes our Minecraft Dungeons Weapons Guide. Post your comments below.

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