Minecraft Dungeons Enchantments Guide – Enchantment Effects, How to Unlock

Minecraft Dungeons Enchantments Guide

This Minecraft Dungeons Enchantments Guide will show you all the Enchantments with their effects, and how you can unlock them. Enchantments work like passive skills that offer various buffs on your items like melee or ranged weapons and armor items.

Enchantments can be unlocked by using Enchantments Points. These points are rewarded to you when you level up the character. Each Enchantment has three upgrade levels that require points to unlock further. Level 1 will require one point, while Level 2 will cost you 2 points, and Level 3 will require 3 points.

Minecraft Dungeons Enchantments Guide

Below we have detailed all the Enchantments and their effects.

Enchantment name


Enchantment ability

Burning Armor Nearby enemies receive melee damage for half a second.
Chilling Armor A blast reduces the movement and attack speed of the enemy for a second. Activates every 2 seconds
Cool Down Armor Artifacts cooldown period is reduced.
Cowardice Armor Damaged for ranged and melee attacks is increased when health is full
Deflect Armor Slight chances of deflecting incoming attacks
Electrified Armor Three nearby enemies are hit with electric attack
Explorer Armor Health restored slightly for every 100 blocks explored on the map
Final Shout Armor If health drops to less than 25%, all artifacts are used.
Fire Trail Armor A trail of fire is left behind you that deals damage to nearby enemies.
Food Reserves Armor Using health items will also create a random food item.
Frenzied Armor Attack speed increased when health drops to 50%
Gravity Pulse Armor A small pulse that pulls in nearby enemies towards you
Health Synergy Armor Activating artifact will give you a small amount of health
Potion Barrier Armor Damage gained is reduced by 90% when using health potions
Protection Armor Damage reduced
Recycler Armor Any projectiles that hit you, will have a chance of creating arrow for you
Snowball Armor Fire a snowball at the nearby enemy to stun them
Soul Speed Armor Gathering a soul will increase 1% of movement speed for a short period. Can be stacked.
Speed Synergy Armor Movement speed increased by 20% when activating an artifact
Surprise Gift Armor Using healing potions will randomly create a consumable item
Swiftfooted Armor Move faster for three seconds.
Thorns Armor Any damage to you will deal damage back to the attacker.
Anima Conduit Melee Each soul you absorb will heal you slightly
Chains Melee 30%  increased chances to chain a cluster of mobs together and have them stuck for a short period.
Committed Melee Increased damage to weakened enemies.
Critical Hit Melee Increased chances of getting critical hits with triple damage.
Echo Melee Some attacks have the chance of following up with another attack immediately
Exploding Melee Mobs explode when defeated
Fire Aspect Melee Mobs are lit on fire that deals damage over time
Freezing Melee When hit, mobs slow down for three seconds
Gravity Melee Pulls the mob towards the damage radius of the weapon
Leeching Melee Defeating mob will slightly restore your health
Looting Melee Chances of consumables dropped by mobs
Poison Cloud Melee 30% increased chance of creating a poison cloud that deals damage to enemies
Prospector Melee Increased chances of dropped Emeralds from enemies
Radiance Melee 20% increase chances of having an area that heals any friendlies inside it
Rampaging Melee 10% increased chances of 50% increased movement speed after defeating mob
Sharpness Melee Weapon deals more damage
Shockwave Melee The last attacking move in the combo will deal damage to enemies
Smiting Melee Increased damage against the Undead.
Soul Siphon Melee 10% increased chances of souls after defeating an enemy
Stunning Melee Increases chances of temporarily stunning enemies
Swirling Melee The last attack will produce a swirling attack that deals damage to enemies
Thundering Melee 30% increased chances of lightning hitting enemies
Weakening Melee Enemy attack damage is weakened as you attack. Runs for 5 seconds.
Accelerate Ranged Weapon Every attack increases attack speed for one second.
Bonus Shot Ranged Weapon Will produce a bonus shot that also hits the enemy for reduced amount of damage.
Chain Reaction Ranged Weapon Increased chances of firing 5 arrow in all directions
Enigma Resonator Ranged Weapon Increased chances of triple damage for the amount of souls you have
Fuse Shot Ranged Weapon An explosive shot that explodes after a second dealing 100% damage to nearby enemies.
Gravity Ranged Weapon Enemies are puled by gravity towards the weapons impact point.
Growing Ranged Weapon The shot grows as it travels down the distance, and also increases in damage cacacity
Infinity Ranged Weapon Chances of replenishing an arrow after the shot are increased
Multishot Ranged Weapon Increased chance of shooting 5 arrows at once
Piercing Ranged Weapon Arrows fired have chance of piercing through and hitting more mobs
Poison Cloud Ranged Weapon 30% increased chance of creating a poison cloud that deals damage to enemies
Power Ranged Weapon Increased arrow damage.
Punch Ranged Weapon Increased arrow pushback
Radiance Shot Ranged Weapon 20% increase chances of having an area that heals any friendlies inside it
Rapid Fire Ranged Weapon Attack speed increased
Ricochet Ranged Weapon Slight chances of arrows ricochet and hit other mobs
Supercharge Ranged Weapon Charged shots deal more damage and have more pushback.
Tempo Theft Ranged Weapon Movement speed from the mob is stolen and given to you for a short period
Unchanting Ranged Weapon Enchanted enemies are dealt with more damage with projectiles
Wild Rage Ranged Weapon Increased chances of enemy going into enraged mode and hurting anyone nearby it.

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