Metro Simulator 2 Arrives on Nintendo Switch, Bringing Realistic Subway Experience

Metro Simulator 2 Xbox

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of subways and trains as Metro Simulator 2 makes its debut on Nintendo Switch. Developed by KishMish Games and brought to Nintendo consoles by Ultimate Games S.A., this realistic simulator offers players the chance to experience the intricacies of subway operation and train control mechanics. The release date for Metro Simulator 2 on Nintendo Switch is set for February 21st, 2024, with versions for PlayStation and Xbox consoles planned for later in the year.

Originally launched on PC in June 2023, Metro Simulator 2 quickly gained popularity among simulation enthusiasts. Known for their well-received titles like Bus World and Fly Corp, KishMish Games crafted a unique experience that puts subways and trains front and center in this simulator.

Check out the Switch launch trailer for Metro Simulator 2 below:

At the heart of Metro Simulator 2 lies its faithful reproduction of subway environments and train controls. Players take on the role of subway train drivers, with the option to choose between a free-play mode or predefined scenarios with set schedules and conditions. With a total of two trains featuring different control systems, players navigate through a subway system boasting 24 stations, along with various tunnels and objects.

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One of the standout features of Metro Simulator 2 is its advanced speed control system, designed to prevent collisions and ensure a smooth ride. Players must keep a close eye on the speedometer and traffic lights, among other elements, to ensure the safety of passengers and maintain operational efficiency.

Key Features of Metro Simulator 2:

  • Realistic subway simulator experience
  • Faithfully reproduced train controls
  • Relaxing gameplay suitable for all ages
  • Subway system with 24 stations to explore
  • Two different trains to operate

Metro Simulator 2 Nintendo Switch

Mark your calendars for February 21, 2024, as Metro Simulator 2 arrives on Nintendo Switch, offering players the chance to experience the thrill of subway operation firsthand. Ultimate Games S.A. has also announced plans to release the simulator on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S consoles later in 2024, ensuring that players across various platforms can enjoy this immersive simulation experience.

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