Mega Man 11 Screw Farming Guide – Farming Run, Screw Catcher, Mystery Chip

Mega Man 11 Screw Farming Guide

In this Mega Man 11 Screw Farming Guide, we will guide you on how you can easily farm some screws in Mega Man 11. Screws are used for purchasing different items from the shop in Mega Man 11 and they are not cheap. Since the screws are not that easily found in the game, there are three easy ways to farm some screws that are not very difficult and you will end up with a decent amount of screws with them.

Some items in the shop are also made specifically for giving you some extra screws but if you follow these simple methods of farming screws, you will not need those items and you can easily save up for parts and items other than simple screw multipliers or boosts. Once you have a decent amount of screws gathered, you can easily purchase all items and parts from the shop.

Screw Farming Guide – Mega Man 11

Below we have detailed three different methods by which you can easily farm a decent amount of screws and purchase all items and parts from the shop.

Purchase Screw Catcher

This unique item is only available for purchase on a Saturday. You can either wait for a Saturday to purchase this item or you can set your console’s date to Saturday and purchase this right away however we won’t recommend this method. Simply purchase it when it becomes available on a Saturday.

Screw Catcher is a useful item because it increases the chances of enemies dropping screws by 30%. This is a huge increase and after purchasing this, equip it right away and then you are ready for our farming run method.

Purchase Mystery Chip

Another item that you might want to purchase before going on the farming run is the Mystery Chip. This item simply increases the amount of screws that you earn by playing a level. If you are not the type of person who goes on farming runs and keeps grinding, then this item will come in handy.

Farming Run – Block Man Level

For our farming run, the very first level, which is Block Man’s level, is the perfect farming location and that too right at the start of the level. When you start the level and start heading right, at your fourth screen, you will see a large screw above a big enemy. You can jump on the pad on top of the enemy to reach it or kill the enemy and then call Rush Coil to jump higher and reach it.

Mega Man 11 Screw Farming Guide

This will give you 100 screws instantly. Now you can simply quit the level and start this over. It hardly takes 2 minutes and you will get 100 screws simply by collecting this repeatedly. You can continue doing this for as long as you like. The complete cost of all items in the lab is around 13,000 screws, which can be easily earned using this simple grind run.

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This concludes our Mega Man 11 Screw Farming Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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