Mega Man 11 Acid Man Boss Battle Guide – How to Defeat, All Attacks

Mega Man 11 Acid Man Boss Battle Guide

In this Mega Man 11 Acid Man Boss Battle Guide, we will guide you on how you can defeat the Acid Man boss in Mega Man 11. Mega Man games are known for their hard and tough bosses and Mega Man 11, the newest title in the franchise, is no different. There are total eight different bosses in the game, each with their own unique skill sets and special weapons.

This Mega Man 11 Acid Man Boss Battle Guide will focus on the Acid Man boss, which we recommend that it should be your second boss in the game. The game gives you freedom to tackle any boss whenever you like so we recommend that you pick Acid Man as your second boss. Let us look at how to defeat Acid Man and unlock his special weapon.

Acid Man – How to Defeat

Acid Man is not a very hard boss to defeat if you know and understand his attack patterns. He has a single phase of the battle during which he will continue to vary between three of his different attacks. Each time when he uses an attack, you can simply use the best counter detailed below and you should be fine for this boss battle.

One of the attacks included in his list is his triple shot attack. Acid Man will jump forward, stand still and then fire three shots of green acid. All three shots will aim for your location so it is best if you slide under him when he jumps and change your location as soon as possible if you want to avoid damage.

Mega Man 11 Acid Man Boss Battle Guide

You can jump over the shots easily if you did not cornered during his jump. While he is shooting at you, land some charges shots on him as well to take away chunk of his health. He will shot one shot at a time so keep dodging them. Once you have dodged a shot, he will fire the second one at you. Keep repeating the process until he switches his attack.

A second attack in Acid Man’s attack list is the acid shield that Acid Man forms around himself. At this point, the B. Dropper special attack comes in handy from the previous Block Man boss. Keep hitting him with blocks and it will go away. This attack is simple and will not be much trouble if you have the B. Dropper attack.

Mega Man 11 Acid Man Boss Battle Guide

The third and last attack in Acid Man’s arsenal is a shark attack. During this attack, Acid Man will activate his speed gear, jump in the acid pool below, and come at Mega Man in the form of a shark wave. You cannot damage him at this point so just keep dodging his attacks. Once he completes a round, he will jump out and shoot three shots at you. Keep dodging and do not bother attacking him while he is using the move.

As soon as he switches to the other attacks, start blasting him with everything you have. Acid Man will eventually die and you will unlock his special weapon, the A. Shield.

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This concludes our Mega Man 11 Acid Man Boss Battle Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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