Mass Effect 2 Romance Guide – How to Romance, Build Relationships with Characters

Mass Effect 2 Romance Guide – How to Romance, Build Relationships with Characters

This Mass Effect 2 Romance Guide will show you how all the romance options with the characters in the game and how you can build a relationship with them. From the casual intimate experience to having a full-on sexual relationship, you have a few romance options with the characters in the game.

In total, there are 9 characters that you can romance with, where some are only accessible if you are either a male or a female version of Shepard. Other characters don’t mind your gender and can be romanced even if you are a male or a female.

Mass Effect 2 Romance Guide

Below we have detailed all the characters in the game that you can romance with. This includes the characters eligible with either the male version of Shepard or the female version.

Miranda Lawson

  • Prerequisite: Male Shepard

As a genetically engineered human who has a high ego and seems to be perfect in every way, Miranda is interested in the male version of Shepard. You don’t necessarily have to be careful about what to say and all attempts to flirt and praise will be taken as a positive by Miranda. In addition, you have to complete all the loyalty missions for this character, support her during conversations even if it goes against what you might believe at the moment. This will ensure that Miranda trusts you even more than before, carving a path for a romantic relationship.


  • Prerequisite: Male Shepard

Jack can be quite tricky for her to trust anyone, and that includes Shepard. As a powerful huma who was kidnapped as a baby and forced experiments on, she has a tendency to be blunt and come off as cold. Gaining her trust will be the biggest challenge, but you can do so by being blunt and honest, even if it seems like it can hurt her feelings. This ensures that Jack finds you truthful and allows her to trust you for a relationship.

You will get a chance for a one-time sexual relationship which if you agree for will burn all future romance options with her. So at this point, it is your call what you prefer and choose to do.


  • Prerequisite: Male Shepard

Tali is a character that already admires you once she becomes part of the crew. However, she fears that you cannot love her back, mainly because of her exosuit that protects her weak immune system that can potentially kill her if she takes it off. If you are willing to start a relationship with her, you have to assure that you have the same feelings for her, are ready to give her time to adjust and support her in conversations.

Over time and as your relationship with her grows even further, Tali will even risk it by taking her suit off for you where you both will then engage in a sexual moment.

Thane Krios

  • Prerequisite: Female Shepard

Thane requires you to complete his loyalty missions but also to connect with him in the Life Support and talk to him. This builds his relationship with you over time and ensures you get a romance option unlocked for you as you talk more to him. At one point, Thane will visit your quarter talking about death. This is where you need to tell him to stay alive for tonight to have an intimate moment with him.

Garrus Vakarian

  • Prerequisite: Female Shepard

Garrus is a tough character in the sense that he doesn’t know how to react to emotions, especially himself. However, you will find that he is quite sensitive inside all the tough exterior he shows. Completing the loyalty missions and talking to him will make things awkward for him, but being persistent by bringing up the options as many times as you can make him fall for you

Jacob Taylor

  • Prerequisite: Female Shepard

At first, Jacob will show no interest in a romantic relationship with Shepard, but that doesn’t mean it is not possible. Jacob considers this option when you talk to him about having a relationship with him. This is furthered fueled when you complete all his loyalty missions and then talk to him regularly. In your conversations, one of the topics will be about his father, which brings you ever so close to him and unlocking the relationship option with him.

Kelly Chambers

This character can be romanced with any gender of Shepard. Kelly is a character on your ship who needs to be saved in one of the missions of the game. During the Suicide Mission, you have to go through the Omega 4 Relay as fast as you can before Kelly is killed. If you manage to save her and if she survives, she will then come to your quarter for a romantic moment. This is of course if you don’t have an active relationship with other crew members on the Normandy.


This character does not involve herself with Shepard in a relationship and the most you can get from her by being persistent is an almost-kiss that she backs away from.


Morinth is the daughter of Samara who is on the run from the authorities. This means that she is also running away from her mother, who will waste no time to capture her. During one of the missions where you have to take sides between Morinth or her mother Samara, you can opt to take sides with Morinth and have Samara killed.

This is the only way you can have any romantic experience with her as she will then join your crew after the death of her mother. You will get the romance option with her after the Suicide mission, which will also prove to be fatal for you.

This concludes our Mass Effect 2 Romance Guide. Post your comments below.

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