Marvel’s Spider Man Tokens Guide – All Types, How to Earn

Marvel's Spider Man Tokens Guide

In this Marvel’s Spider Man Tokens Guide, we will guide you on how you can earn more Tokens in the game along with detailing how many types of Tokens are present in the game. Marvel’s Spider Man has two main types of currencies, which allow you to purchase different things in the game, XP and Tokens. This Marvel’s Spider Man Tokens Guide will focus on explaining about different types of Tokens present in the game and how you can earn more of them.

Marvel’s Spider Man is full of extra content just waiting for you to go out and explore it. As you complete different activities, collect collectibles and complete certain tasks, you will be rewarded with bonus Tokens. These Tokens are essential in Marvel’s Spider Man and you must try to collect as many as you can so that you can purchase all the required items and equipment that you would like to.

Tokens Guide – Marvel’s Spider Man

Below, we have detailed all different types of Token in Spider Man and how you can earn more of them. There are six different types of Tokens in Spider Man. Let us find out more about each one of them.

Backpack Tokens

Backpacks are scattered throughout the map of Manhattan. They are represented by green icons on the map once they have been unlocked. You will find them behind buildings, street corners or roof tops just waiting for you to come and collect. As you collect these backpacks, you will earn more Backpack Tokens so if you want some Backpack Tokens, hunt down some backpacks hidden in the area.

Research Tokens

Research Tokens are won after completing Peter’s lab assignments. After each assignment is completed, you will be rewarded with Research Tokens. Complete mini puzzles, which could include rewiring circuits or precisely aligning laser beams to earn more Research Tokens. These are not hard puzzles but require some time and patience.

Landmark Tokens

The Manhattan Island is full of different iconic landmarks. You can find them and take their photos in order to earn some Landmark Tokens. There are real-world landmarks as well as some fictional landmarks in the map, which can help you earn more Landmark Tokens. Look around and explore the beautiful world of Spider Man to find these iconic locations and earn Landmark Tokens.

Base Tokens

There are plenty of hostile bases setup by bad guys on the island as well. You will be required to visit them and clear them out. As you clear out these bases, you will earn Base Tokens. Clear out as many of these bases and you will earn more Base Tokens, which will help you in buying more upgrades and clear out the map as well.

Crime Tokens

Manhattan Island is full of crime activity happening all the time. You will encounter random people in trouble that will require some spider justice. Beat up the bad guys, save the good guys and you will earn some Crime Tokens. Go to Crime Scenes and clear out as many as you can to keep a steady flow of these Crime Tokens coming.

Challenge Tokens

Probably the hardest to earn of all tokens in the game, the Challenge Tokens are awarded when you complete specific challenges presented to you by the game. These could include time challenges, specific takedown challenges or achieving certain things. Complete the challenge by fulfilling all requirements and you will earn Challenge Tokens.

Bonus Tokens

The game will also present you with certain bonus objectives every now and then. Completing these bonus objectives will give you some extra Tokens. They are not limited to certain or specific type and could be of any type depending on the game. Complete as many of these bonus challenges to earn Bonus Tokens.

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This concludes our Marvel’s Spider Man Tokens Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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