Marvel’s Spider Man Secret Photo Op Locations Guide – Unlock ESU Suit

Marvel's Spider Man Secret Photo Op Locations Guide

In this Marvel’s Spider Man Secret Photo Op Locations Guide, we will guide you on the locations of all secret Photo Ops scattered around Manhattan in Spider Man. These are one of the most hidden collectibles in the game, as the game does not introduce you to these photo ops. There is no counter in the game and these are not marked on your map even after collection. However, these are pretty much worth finding as collecting all of them will unlock a sweet hidden costume.

As we mentioned earlier, these photo ops are not marked on your map hence it is very important that you start in a sequence and then complete all these in one go or at least cover one district in one go so that you do not miss any. There are no other pre-requisites except the camera so you can complete these photo ops at any time in the game. We have detailed all of them below.

Secret Photo Op Locations – Marvel’s Spider Man

Our Marvel’s Spider Man Secret Photo Op Locations Guide details the locations of all the secret photo ops in Spider Man so that you can easily find them all and complete the list to unlock a cool suit.

We have detailed them below. Each district in the game comes with a specific number of photo ops. We recommend that you cover district after district otherwise, it will become very confusing and hectic. The game has 9 districts and there are 50 photo ops scattered throughout them.

To know that you are pointing at the right thing, while looking through the camera, the indicator will turn green to show that you have the correct photo op in the lens. Apart from this, if you reach Level 50 and unlock a special suit mod, these will show on the mini map but only in close proximity.

Harlem Photo Ops

Harlem district has 11 photo ops, which are all detailed below.

  • Sherman Monument Statue – This is the large gold statue of an angle leading a man on horseback at the edge of Harlem and upper left corner of Central Park.
  • General Grant National Memorial – Located in the southwest corner of Harlem park area and the east of Morningside University.
  • Harlem Street Art – To find this graffiti wall, head to east Harlem where you will find a bridge heading east. This is located on the road below on the side of a parking lot. An onramp leading to the bridge heading east is also located here.
  • Soldier’s Cemetery Monument – Located in Trinity Cemetery. This is the big tower in the cemetery.
  • Ben Parker’s Grave – Inside the same cemetery, head to the northern section. You will need to read the name on the grave. Interact with the grave for a quick trophy.
  • Trinity Church – This is the church located in the Trinity Cemetery.
  • Rooftop Art – This is a pair of rooftop walls located on the south of Trinity Church and Cemetery. Look for the big building featuring Eye of Providence and flying pigs.
  • Harlem Sanitarium – Head to the west section of Harlem and find this building south of Ventilate the Problem Research Station.
  • Pale Horse Ridez – Located near Bar with No Name and the bridge heading out of Harlem. It is inside an alley. You can easily find it when you start the last Tombstone mission.
  • Norman Osborn Campaign Office – Located at the corner of 120th street and south of Bar with no Name.
  • Harlem Community Garden – Head to the east side of Harlem and look for it near Visibly Shaken Research Station.

Upper West District Photo Ops

Upper West District has 5 photo ops detailed below.

  • Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument – Located at the edge of Upper West District. Look for it along the waterfront.
  • Eagles and Prey Statue – Located near one of the Sable Outposts. Look for the Eagles attacking a mountain goat statue on the waterfront near the last monument.
  • Fire House 74 – Located in an alley west of Spider Bot Research Station and Southeast of Police Station.
  • Greenhouse – This is the biggest Greenhouse building in the waterfront area. It will be surrounded by many smaller greenhouses.
  • Oscorp Records Building – This is the main building featured during the main mission The Heart of Matter. It is a large building and plaza having a flagpole and Oscorp written on it. Easily visible in the north section of the district.

Central Park Photo Ops

Central Park has 4 photo ops detailed below.

  • Boat Pavilion – Located in the center of Central Park East of Bethesda Fountain.
  • Cleopatra’s Needle – Located on the west side of Museum of Contemporary Art in Central Park. Look for a big Obelisk.
  • Beldevere Castle – Located opposite to Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • The Blockhouse – Located in the northwest corner of Central Park. It is a small stone area with a flagpole.

Upper East Side Photo Ops

The Upper East Side district has four photo ops detailed below.

  • 65th Street Library – Located on the southwest corner of the district. Look for the entrance displaying Greek Myths banners.
  • Recessed Fountain Plaza – Located in the center of Upper East Side near the side of Park Ave. You can find it in the street across the Avenger’s Tower.
  • Latin American Museum – Head to the northwest side of the Upper East Side of the district to find it. It is located on the edge of Central Park and Guggenheim Museum.
  • Black Wing Tavern – Located on the northeast section of the district, near the Police Station. It is an outdoor bar.

Midtown Photo Ops

The Midtown district features 4 photo ops detailed below.

  • Columbus Circle – Located next to Fisk Tower at the edge of Midtown, Hell’s Kitchen and Central Park.
  • Paramount Building – Head to the south of Times Square landmark to find this large building with a clock at its top.
  • Beacon Court – Head to the northeast corner of the district. This is located beyond the Social News Collective and CDA Women’s Health signs. Look for it north of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. It is a small round plaza between two big buildings.
  • KOI Fish Wall Art – Located north of United Nations office in the northeast side of Midtown.

Hell’s Kitchen Photo Ops

The Hell’s Kitchen district has three photo ops detailed below.

  • Vulture Street Graffiti – Located on the side of a large building in southwest corner of Hell’s
  • Nelson & Murdock: Attorneys At Law – Head to the center of Hell’s Kitchen and look for the Josie’s Bar landmark. Cross the street and you will find this photo op.
  • Portside Grain Building – Located in the northwest of Hell’s Kitchen, this is a big grain refinery near the wharf. Easily visible across the shipyards.

Greenwich Photo Ops

Greenwich district has three photo ops detailed below.

  • Museum of Modern Art – Head to the northwestern edge of the district to find this big building facing the water.
  • Stonewall Inn – Head to the West side of the district to find this bar with a rainbow flag on one side. Locate it on the East of Octavius Industries.
  • Jonah Jameson Street Graffiti – Located on a wall above Roxxon Gas Station at the corner of 7th and Carmine. Head to the middle of the district to find it.

Chinatown Photo Ops

Chinatown district features 8 photo ops detailed below.

  • Chinatown Police Department – Located in the south section of the district. It is also marked on the map.
  • Rhino Street Graffiti – In the same area, located on a wall where four alleys are converging on the west of the police station.
  • Williamsburg Bridge Skate Park – Located under the Williamsburg Bridge. It is the park with the dog picture on the floor.
  • Manhattan Bridge Entrance Arch – Found at the entrance of the Williamsburg Bridge.
  • Leo’s Pizza – Head to the middle east section of the district and find the plaza located on the northwest side of the Smog Alert Research Station.
  • Stuyvesant Town Fountain – Located in the northeast section of the district. Head to the buildings shaped like +- and look in the middle for a fountain.
  • Scorpion Street Graffiti – Located near Stuytown in the top central part of the district. Look for it at the corner of 12th and Roger Street.
  • Heart Clinic Statue – Head to the top north-western corner of the district and find the statue in the middle of the HEART Clinic building.

Financial District Photo Ops

The last district of the game feature 8 unique photo ops detailed below.

  • Statue of Liberty – Located on an island away from the main game’s island. Visible from south section of the Battery Park.
  • Lockjaw Statue – Head to the south end of the district and find the Lockjaw statue sitting at an intersection near the Battery Park.
  • Bougainvillea Flower Building Art – Head to the North Cove Yacht Harbor located on the West side of the district and look for some red flowers on the windows.
  • The Pylon – Located right next to the North Cove Yacht Harbor, this is one of pylons on the Battery Park Esplanade.
  • New York Supreme Court Statue – Head to the center of the district to find a statue of the woman in front of a large courthouse.
  • New York Pier – Located at the northwest section of the district. This is the main pier where you will also see a New York Pier sign.
  • Auerbach Theater – Located in the northwest side of the district. It has a huge yellow sign and a large red carpet in the front. Easily visible.
  • Puck Building Statue – This is located in the northeast side of the district. Look for the two fairy-like statues on a red brick building.

These are all the secret photo ops located in Spider Man. Once you have snapped all of them, they will not be marked on your map but you will unlock the amazing ESU Suit.

This will tell you that you have completed all of the photo ops successfully. We recommend that you complete a full district at one time so that you do not confuse them later on.

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This concludes our Marvel’s Spider Man Secret Photo Op Locations Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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