Marvel’s Spider Man Combat Basics Guide – Best Skills, Perfect Dodge

Marvel’s Spider Man Combat Basics Guide

In this Marvel’s Spider Man Combat Basics Guide, we will show you the basic fighting techniques that are involved in the combat aspect of the game. The basic gameplay in Spider Man on the Playstation 4 comes down to two things: Swinging and fighting. Although there a lot of other stuff to do, but most of the time you will find yourself swinging around and punching enemies.

Fighting in Spider Man can be chaotic. You are always surrounded and outnumbered by a lot of armed enemies. In addition, Spider Man is vulnerable to bullets. This is where the balance of the game tests you. Spider Man isn’t totally invincible and a gang of skilled thugs can take you down if you do not take a fight seriously.

In this guide, we will give you the basic fighting guidelines as well as tips to improve your chances in winning a fight. In the end we will give you some advanced tips that you can use in the later stages of the game as the fights become tougher to handle.

Spider Man – Combat Basics

Marvel’s Spider Man Combat Basics Guide

The basics of fighting in Spider Man are like any other games in the previous titles. You press one button to punch and one button to dodge. But the combat style isn’t so bland, you have the abilities to fix in some combos and use special powers and gadgets to help fight enemies in a smooth and effective way.

Ultimately, your goal is to control fights where you have an idea where your opponents are and how much damage they can inflict on you, and how to finish them off quickly.

Dodging an Attack

Spider Man has a special ability called Spider Sense. This is key in surviving fights. A white halo appears over Spider Man’s head that indicates and incoming attack. This usually triggers when you are about to be punched or shot at.

The best thing to do when your Spider Sense glows up is to not waste any more time and dodge the attack. If you can practice to dodge in the perfect moment you will be able to effectively dodge and attack in the same movement.

This game isn’t about attacking; it is about fighting effectively and dodging.

Perfect Dodge

You will notice that the Spider Sense comes in two stages. The first stage of the sense will indicate an incoming attack with a white halo over Spider Man’s head. This will be followed by the same halo turning a blue and brighter. This second indicator tells you the moment the trigger is going to be pulled or a punch is going to be laid onto you.

If you dodge in this second moment of warning, you will have successfully executed the Perfect Dodge. If you have Perfect Dodge unlocked in your skills menu, and if you execute it the right way, then Spider Man will attach a web on the enemy’s face as you dodge the attack.

Since Spider Man isn’t invincible and it takes only a few bullets to drain his health, the best thing to do is to dodge right when you see the first Spider Sense warning.

Target Picking in a Fight

Marvel’s Spider Man Combat Basics Guide

During a fight, you can switch to the next enemy to attack by pressing the triangle button. The game will decide which enemy to pick up so you do not have to pick one yourself and break the momentum.

This is the games way of keeping the fighting smooth, so when you are done killing one enemy, immediately pres the triangle button and trust the game to switch to another enemy. This is also a way to ease some pressure off of you to focus on attacking rather than worrying what is behind you.

Gadgets in Combat

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Spider Man also equips a lot of gadgets that aid in fighting enemies. These gadgets are unlocked as you progress in the game. To bring up the Gadgets menu, hold L1 and chose the gadget to your liking and as appropriate to the fighting style you would need.

Gadgets come in very handy especially when there is a chaotic fight and you can easily forget to use them. Each gadget has its own special ability that can be used to your advantage. Gadgets like web shooters slow down enemies or take out enemies completely. So remember to use them.

Fight like Spider Man

Marvel’s Spider Man Combat Basics Guide

Spider Man can hold on to a fight with punches and dodges, but this isn’t his main strong point. If you fight with the combinations of jumps, swings and web slinging, you will find yourself attacking more effectively.

Look around the environment and use anything you can to your advantage. Before you begin any fight, explore the area with stealth and take out unsuspecting enemies without raising any alarm. Or jump in between enemies for an ambush. Jump off of walls when you dodge towards a wall, use as much of your surroundings as you can to keep moving and keeping the enemies target away from you.

Throw objects that are lying around. In every fight, there are throw-able things very close to you that you can use. From manhole covers, to car doors, and even webbed enemies are throw-able items in the game. During the gameplay, when prompted, pres the L1+R1 to grab an time and toss it towards an enemy. There is also a skill which makes you hit multiple enemies with your item, hence clearing the area quicker.

Get airborne with Spider Man. To launch Spider Man in the air, hold down the square button during a punch to use the Air Launcher ability. This will launch your target enemy in the air and you can land an uppercut punch on him.

Once in the air you can continue punching out of the reach of other enemies. Staying up in the air give you more options to dodge attacks and use your web strike.
The best way to dodge other than the simple dodge movement is to swing out to get out the combat area to get some time to resume your attack with a different strategy.

This combat style is iconic to Spider Man and you should use every feature available to engage in a more stylish and effective way, rather than the bland punching and dodging.

Best Skills to Unlock and Pair

Although there are many skills to unlock and each of them are very useful. We have selected some of the ones that we think are the best to have in any combat situation:

  • Perfect Dodge – this skill allows you to web your enemy when you dodge an attack at the last moment.
  • Web Throw – a web throw which slows down your enemy
  • Hazard Zone – this skill allows you to throw something that can clear the space around you.
  • Pistol and Baton Yank – since guns are really bad for Spider Man; this skill allows you to yank the weapon from your enemy’s hand which in turn will make the fight more balanced and in your favor. Note: if you have Hazard Zone unlocked, you can follow up in knocking out bad guys after you yank their weapon off of them.

The above skills can be useful in any fight. But as we mentioned earlier, every skill is useful so it’s up to your personal preference to have what you want.

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This concludes our Marvel’s Spider Man Fighting Basics Guide. If you wish to add anything to this guide, feel free to comment below.

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