Marvel’s Spider Man Backpack Locations Guide – Where to Find, Bonus Reward

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In this Marvel’s Spider Man Backpack Locations Guide, we will guide you on how you can find all the backpacks in the new Marvel’s Spider Man and what rewards you can unlock by finding them all. The new marvel’s Spider Man comes loaded with content and collectibles for you to find and collect. Among these collectibles are backpacks scattered around the map which you can find and collect to unlock a secret reward.

Our handy Marvel’s Spider Man Backpack Locations Guide will tell you everything about where you can find these backpacks and what reward you can earn in the game for finding all of these backpacks. Lucky for you, the game is very easy when it comes to collecting all these collectibles as you simply need to unlock a certain thing first. Let us start with the guide.

Backpack Locations Guide – Marvel’s Spider Man

There 55 backpacks spread across Manhattan that you must find and collect. To unlock the special reward, you will need to find and collect all these 55 backpacks.

Finding Backpacks

The process of finding these backpacks in Marvel’s Spider Man is very easy. All you need to do is play the main story of the game until you can unlock the Surveillance Towers. Once all of the Surveillance Towers are unlocked, all of the collectibles in the game will be marked on your mini map. Just like all other collectibles, the backpacks will also be marked on your mini map.

Marvel’s Spider Man Backpack Locations Guide

The green icons in the picture above are the backpacks.

This makes collecting these backpacks a lot easier as their locations are marked on the mini map. You also unlock these Surveillance Towers pretty early in the game so you do not have to wait that long. You can also find the backpacks before unlocking these Surveillance Towers but after unlocking them, it becomes very easy.

Once they are marked on the map, you can set a marker to the nearest backpack and go collect it. Once in the area, if you are still unable to locate the backpack, simply press ‘R3’ and Spider Man scans the area and locates the backpack for you. Even if that does not work out for you, we do not know what will.

Secret Reward

Every time you collect a backpack, you will get a backpack token similar to other tokens in the game. You can check our detailed Token Guide for information on all types of Tokens in the game. These Backpack Tokens are later used to purchase different things in the game such as cool new costumes, mods and upgrades. Therefore, it is vital that you collect all these backpacks.

Now these bonus tokens are not the only reward that you get for finding the backpacks. The real deal is when you collect all 55 backpacks; you unlock a special suit for Spider Man called Homemade Suit. This is a very special suit and is based on the suit from the Spider Man: Homecoming movie. This suit makes collecting all backpacks worth their while.

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This concludes our Marvel’s Spider Man Backpack Locations Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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