Maneater Fast Travel Guide – How to Fast Travel in the Game

Maneater Fast Travel Guide

This Maneater Fast Travel Guide will show you how you can use the fast travel option allowing you to quickly reach a point in the map without having to swim all the way to where you need to go.

The map in Maneater is quite big, which makes fast traveling a very vital option in the game. There are certain fast travel points that not only allow you to move from one location to the other but also save your progress and equip upgrades.

Maneater Fast Travel Guide

Below we have detailed how to fast travel in the game.

How to Fast Travel in Maneater

In order to fast travel in the game, you need to look out for Grottos. These are special locations that act like safe spots for your shark. Grottos not only keep you safe but also allow you to equip any upgrades and fast travel to a location you want to go to.

Every individual area of the map has its own Grotto that can be used to jump from one area to the other. The catch is that you must first find the Grotto to allow the option to fast travel the next time you see one.

Once you have explored each area with the Grotto, all you need to do is take out the map and use it to locate the Grotto in the place you want to fast travel to. When you have the pointer on the Grotto, an option to fast travel will show up which will then allow you to spawn in the location after a loading screen. This is the fastest way to travel from one place to the other rather than having to swim all the way to where your destination might be.

This concludes our Maneater Fast Travel Guide. Post your comments below.

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