Maneater Enemies Guide – How to Beat Alligators, Hunters, Predators

Maneater Enemies Guide

This Maneater Enemies Guide will show you how to defeat all the different enemies that you will be facing as a shark in the game. There are various dangers for a shark, whether it is other predators lurking around in the sea, or even human hunters who are looking to fish you out.

As a beginner, you will find these dangers troubling enough to take you out in one go. But not if you know how to beat each of these enemies, especially the alligators that can be the most troublesome in areas like the Fawtick Bayou.

Maneater Enemies Guide

Below we have detailed how to beat the different types of enemies you will find in the game.

How to Defeat Predators

Predators come in all shapes and sizes in Maneater. This includes the dreaded Alligator and other predators that join you in the sea. The trick in evading such predators is to always stay moving and to look for when they are about to attack.

Predators and alligators always attack in the same pattern where their bodies start to flash just before committing into the attack. If you fail to dodge this attack, you will be hit and will receive damage. But if you dodge and let the predators whiff, you will be in the best place to return with your own attack.

Dodging and missing the predator’s attacks can give you the best chance to hit the enemies rather than going for a bite or a tailwhip to hit them. There is no shame in backing off and healing up if things get a bit overwhelming and you are low on health. Over time, you will have to understand the pattern of each attack and then dodge to hit your own counter-attack.

How to Defeat Human Enemies

Besides the predators and alligators in the sea, you also face dangers from above and out in the surface. Sharks are mostly being hunted by shark hunters on boats, hunting to catch you.  The game has many upgrades that allow you to instantly take out enemy boats, but if you are a beginner, things can be quite tough.

The best way to defeat human enemies on boats is to strategize on taking out each human enemy off from the boat by launching yourself out of the water, lunging at a target, and knocking them off the boat. This will effectively reduce the dangers that the hunters pose, but is risky at the same time.

If you want to play it safe, you can bang around at the boat from below, but this deals damage to both you and the boat. You can step back and heal yourself before resuming by smashing in the boat.

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