Lucid Dream Studio Partners with Ubisoft for BIOMORPH Development: A Dark Metroidvania Adventure


Lucid Dream Studio, a Canadian independent game developer, is elated to announce its partnership with Ubisoft through Ubisoft RADAR and the Ubisoft Indie Series. This collaboration sees Ubisoft recognizing Lucid Dream’s talent, diversity, and the ambitious scope of their upcoming game, BIOMORPH. The support received directly contributes to financing the final stages of BIOMORPH’s development, with the game set to launch on April 5th.

Ubisoft RADAR represents Ubisoft’s inaugural investment fund aimed at nurturing independent game developers in Quebec. Through this initiative, Lucid Dream has secured end-of-development financing crucial for completing BIOMORPH’s development. This isn’t the first time Lucid Dream has caught Ubisoft’s attention; the studio previously clinched the National Bank special prize at the Ubisoft Indie Series 2023.

Check out the story trailer below:

Dominique Champagne from National Bank shared their enthusiasm, stating, “Three years in and I’m still impressed by the creativity of BIOMORPH, both visually and technically.” They praised Lucid Dream’s structured business strategy, realistic financial plan, and commitment to gender parity within the studio.

BIOMORPH promises an enthralling 2D Metroidvania adventure meticulously hand-drawn to perfection. Players will embark on a dark crusade where defeating enemies isn’t merely about triumph; it involves absorbing their powers to evolve into a formidable force. Each vanquished creature triggers transformation, unlocking new combat and exploration abilities.

Key Features of BIOMORPH include the ability to play as enemies by absorbing their powers, a challenging AI system where previously mimicked creatures unlock new powers, diverse melee and ranged weapons with upgrade trees, a vast non-linear interconnected world, and city customization where players can rebuild Blightmoor and befriend townspeople.


Scheduled for release on April 5th for PC, BIOMORPH invites players to uncover the secrets of Ilios by wishlisting the game on Steam. Stay updated by following Lucid Dream Studio on Twitter, joining the official BIOMORPH Discord Server, and visiting the game’s website.

Are you looking forward to playing BIOMORPH and what are your thoughts on the developer teaming up with Ubisoft for its development? Let us know in the comments section below.

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