Deckbuilding, Action Roguelite Liberté Leaving Early Access in April

Liberte Release Date

Developer Superstatic and publisher Anshar Publishing have announced that their deckbuilding, roguelite title Liberté will be leaving Early Access this April. Since its Early Access release, the developer has been working on the game alongside fan feedback and the campaign resulted in hundreds of hours of playtesting and countless content and mechanics additions. To celebrate the release, the developer has also released a new trailer which you can check out below:

Liberté is a deck-builder roguelite set in Paris during the times of the French Revolution. In Liberté, you will brave the war-torn streets as Rene who is a regular Parisian entangled in a massive intrigue between the four most influential factions in the city. You will collect cards, nurture alliances and discover the truth behind the city’s cryptic invader from another dimension, Lady Bliss. Since Liberté is a deck-builder, naturally, you will build your very own deck from over 100 Skills and Talents cards.

Depending on your own playstyle, you can go guns-blazing, cut your way out with blades and axes, hit your enemies with a guitar or sing the revolutionary song. Liberté gives you the freedom of creating your very own deck from the available cards to suit your gameplay style. Rene has the ability to skin-shift so you can either play as Rene or skin-shift to play as one of the characters: Master Hunter Victor, Tribal Warrior Flea, or Revolt Leader Ana. In the streets of Paris, you will also encounter mighty enemies and face the curses of Bliss so you will need to come prepared with a deck that can handle everything.

Liberté Early Access

Liberté is inspired by real French Revolution events, characters, and architecture as it pulls you into a world on the brink of destruction. You can experience over 40 hours of gameplay as you witness body horrors, and participate in political maneuvers and attempted assassinations while seeing Madam Guillotine leaving behind a trail of blood. Key features of Liberté include:

  • Action Roguelite meets deckbuilder – players unlock cards and build decks that unlock skills, passives and game-changing mechanics to make their avatars stronger
  • Four unique factions to support – choose the side of a conflict to unlock additional rewards
  • Greatly varied enemies and advanced AI – Trained soldiers fight in formations, Tribesmen protect their Shamans, Rebels use fire to cut off enemies, etc
  • A unique setting – Revolutionary France mixed with body horror theme
  • Mature storyline, with complex, shades-of-gray characters and horror elements
  • Full controller support

The latest major update for the game is already live and it brings 13 new story areas and over 200 unique story encounters along with 2500 new lines of dialogue. Three new optional bosses have also arrived in the game for players who want a real challenge and a few quality-of-life improvements have also found their way into the game.

Liberté is currently available on PC via Steam in Early Access, and you can add it to your wishlist if you prefer jumping into it at its full release. The full release of Liberté is slated for April 6, 2023.

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Let us know in the comments section below whether you will be interested in playing Liberté when it launches out of Early Access in April.

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