Lethal Company Monsters Guide – All Monsters, How to Fight

Lethal Company Monsters Guide

This Lethal Company Monsters Guide will go over all of the monsters in Lethal Company and we will share some tips with you on how to fight each one of them. In Lethal Company, you will land on distant planets and moons and explore abandoned facilities in order to collect scrap. However, these facilities are filled with different types of monsters and enemies that will make short work of you if you run into them. Luckily, there is a different way to tackle each one of these and this guide aims to do just that.

Monsters Guide – Lethal Company

Below you will find all of the monsters featured in Lethal Company and how you can defeat or evade them:

Baboon Hawk

Baboon Hawks only spawn outside in the open and you will not find them inside facilities. They look like baboons with a beak and small wings. However, it cannot fly but it can jump. You will encounter them during the second half of the day, and they will remain docile until you go into them or attack them from afar. In addition, they will also attack on their own if you are alone and they are greater in number so always watch out for their numbers. You can easily avoid their attacks by moving around in groups.


Bracken is perhaps the only real scary monster in the game because it does not directly attack you. It has white glowy eyes and the rest of its human-like body is reddish black with spikes on its back. It stays in the shadows and spawns indoors. It will never attack you directly and will stalk you until it can get close to you and kill you with just a single hit. To avoid them, when it comes close to you, simply glance at them and it will run away back to the shadows.

However, this is not a permanent escape, and it will continue to stalk you from the shadows. Keep checking your back for it to come back and once it does, quickly glance at it. This will ensure that it does not attack you. If you continue to stare at it, it will instantly attack you and finish you off. Avoid long stares and if someone is close to you, go to them and look after each other’s backs. As long as you two are together, the Bracken will avoid attacking both of you. Also the Bracken drags the bodies of its kills away so there is that penalty as well.

Bunker Spiders

The bunker spiders are large spiders that are found indoors only. They are easy to locate because of their webs. These spiders do not directly attack but they make their webs and then they go and hide in the shadows. Once their prey is caught in the web, they will jump out and kill them off. If you find their webs and you touch them, you will be trapped in them which is why you must sneak past the webs. The webs are easily visible since they are bright white.

Circuit Bee

The circuit bees are only found out in the wilds, and they do not have any specific time. You may run into their hive during any time of the day. Their hive is a giant red ball at which they gather and if you approach their hives, they will come out and instantly attack you. If you lead them away from their hive, you can sell the hive for money, but the swarm will become extremely aggressive and will instantly attack anything that comes into their sight.


Coil-Heads look like bland dolls or mannequins and their heads are connected to the body via a spring, and they will roam around killing anything that comes in their way. They only spawn inside the facilities so you have to watch out your backs for them since they will never attack from the front. To stop them, all you need to do is stare at them because when you look at them, they will insanely freeze and will not move again until you look away. They are not that easy to run away from because once you look away, they will start coming towards you so in this scenario, teamwork comes into play as one player looks at it while the other moves or collects scrap.

Earth Leviathan

Earth Leviathans are giant worms and they only spawn outside. In addition, you will never see one because when one spawns, you will die instantly. There are different signs which appear on the screen when one is about to appear in the game. The ground will start to rumble and dust, and dirt will start to appear everywhere like the whole ground is shaking. When this happens, all you need to do is drop everything that you are holding and instantly run away in any direction. If the worm emerges beneath you, you are dead. If someone is monitoring the screen, they will see it as a giant red dot.

Eyeless Dog

The eyeless dogs may be called dogs, but they are huge in size and have even bigger teeth. If they find you, they will charge, jump, attack and instantly kill you by grabbing your body in their teeth and violently shaking it up and down. They can also jump on your ship’s platform and can even come inside the ship if you leave the doors open. However, since they have extremely poor eyesight, you can easily sneak past them if you make very little noise. Be noisy around them and they will make you a quick meal.

Forest Keeper

The Forst Keepers are yet another type of outdoor monsters who are huge in size. You will hear them first before actually seeing them because of their loud footsteps. You will only see them in the dark or at sunset. During daylight, they will dig up the ground and hide inside but when the sun goes down, they will crawl back out and attack anyone who comes close to their roaming area. To avoid them, you can stay very still, crouch, and wait until they are gone from your sight. If they see you, it is game over because they will just grab you and eat you without leaving any chance of an escape.

Ghost Girl

The Ghost Girl is another one of the human-like monsters in the game and she appears only inside the facilities. She targets one player and focuses on them for the entire game until they are dead. She is also only visible to players who have been chosen as her victim so if you see her, it means that you are her target and when she appears before you, run away from her as fast as possible. If you get caught, she will rip off your head and you will die instantly.

Hoarding Bug

The Hoarding Bug lingers inside the facilities, and it is doing the same job as you: collecting scrap. However, it keeps it stash under guard and if you try to steal from it, it will attack you instantly. Otherwise, it will continue on with its life normally collecting scrap and minding its own business. You can kill them by hitting them a few times, but you must watch out because they will fly towards you to attack when provoked.


This is perhaps the strangest of the enemies in the game because it is just a green blob floating around the map. While it is only found indoors, it will kill you instantly when it comes in contact with you. Since it is a blob, it cannot move very fast so you can avoid it easily by climbing up a ledge or you can even jump across it if you have enough space. Just make sure that you are not coming too close to them because due to their nature, sometimes frame glitching happens and you die even if there is a little distance between the two of you.


Probably the easiest-to-recognize enemy in the game, the Jester is basically a moving jukebox with a winder, one arm, and two legs. When it spawns, it will come close to a player and start winding itself using its hand. When it comes to causing damage, the Jester is the worst enemy of all because when it stops winding and unleashing the skull, it will start following the player closest to it. During the chase, its speed will continue to increase, and it will not stop until either all players leave the facility or are dead. The best way to avoid the Jester is to leave the facility as soon as it starts winding itself.


The manticoils are birds that roam the planets and moons and are only found outside. They are completely harmless and are there only to increase the diversity of wildlife. You can move around them easily and they will not attack you at all.

Roaming Locusts

These locusts are somewhat similar to the bees we mentioned earlier however the main difference between the two is that the bees will be around their hive but these locusts are just found in random swarms outdoors. They are also quite safe, and you have nothing to worry about them. If you approach them, they will simply fly away from your location.

Lethal Company Monsters Guide

Snare Flea

Another nasty bug in Lethal Company, the Snare Flea hides on ceilings from where it lands on unsuspecting players that come under it. It will not move or do anything which makes detecting them a little hard and if one lands on your head, you cannot see as well. After landing, it will suffocate you in a matter of seconds. You can either go outside to kill it or if you are with another player, they can hit it to remove it. Once removed, if you do not kill it, it will run away and find a new hiding spot to hide and wait for its next target.

Spore Lizard

The Spore Lizard is a classic example of what may appear dangerous might not actually be. While it will attack you, it only does so when you provoke it. It is easily recognizable from its four legs, large mouth, and a prominent, purple orb-like organ at the end of its tail. It mostly minds its own business but if you attack it or go too close to it, it will open its mouth and release pink spores. These spores will damage you, but it is not that huge. It sometimes bites as well but again; the damage is not that high to kill you.


The Thumper looks like a deranged shark, and it drags itself across the floor using its big arm-like limbs. It is fast in a straight line but cannot turn quickly so you can use this to your advantage. It finds players using its vision because it cannot hear and once it sees you, it will charge at you. You can simply move to your sides to dodge its charge however, it kills in one hit if it manages to reach you.

That is all for our Lethal Company Monsters Guide. For more help with the game, you can check out the guides linked below:

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This concludes our Lethal Company Monsters Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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