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In this Lethal Company Money Guide we will guide you on how you can obtain money in Lethal Company. Along with general information on getting money, we will also share some tips with you that will allow you to make money fast. Money is everything in Lethal Company because whatever you do, you cannot miss that quota at the end of the day and for this very reason, every last cent in the game matters and this guide is all about making money and making it fast.

Money Guide – Lethal Company

Before we jump into how to make money in Lethal Company, we first need to know what this money is and where we will be using it after earning it.

How to Make Money in Lethal Company

Before we jump into tips and different ways, you must understand the basics of how the in-game economy works.

Basics of Earning Money

The most straightforward answer to this is by scavenging different facilities that you will explore on different moons and planets. These facilities are large, spooky indoor areas which are filled with loot however they are also filled with monsters that you need to avoid surviving and collecting money in the game. The loot in the game is called scrap and you will need to sell this scrap to the Company in order to earn actual money. You are given a scanner at the beginning which can scan different items and things that you come across in the game.

Using this scanner, you can scan your environment for scrap and collect it. During the scan, you will also get to know the item’s name and value. You will need to collect these items and carry them back to your ship in order to sell them to the company. You must note that you need to take the scrap to the Company’s home planet in order to sell it and earn money. There is no online or terminal-selling option directly from the planet or a moon where you collect the scrap. At the time of selling the scrap, you will get to know how much share of its value you will be getting at the end of the transaction.

Using Money in Lethal Company

For each trip, you get a quota and at the end of it, you must do anything possible to meet this quota. Because of this, you have to collect enough scrap and sell things to ensure that you are meeting the daily quotas. This money that you earn will allow you to upgrade your equipment and tools which will in return allow you to explore much more hostile planets and moons later on. You can also customize and upgrade your ship using this money. This is why earning money is vital and you must know everything about earning as much money as possible in the game.

Lethal Company Money Guide

Tips on Effectively Earning Money

There are different ways by which you can earn money in Lethal Company. Some of these are relatively much easier than others so you can choose whatever suits your gameplay style or whatever option is available to you in your current scenario:

Avoid Collecting Junk and Go for Valuable Loot

As you enter different facilities and scan them, you will notice that a lot of stuff can be picked up and sold as scrap. However, the only problem here is that you have limited space and time. To actually sell the stuff, you have to bring it back to your ship and you can only assign small items space in your inventory. Two-handed items cannot be stored in your inventory, and they also hinder your movement. For starters, you must quickly assess what items will bring the most value to you and which can be managed easily because, at the start, everyone will be looking at items to collect. Make sure to avoid junk that takes up too much space but gives very little in return. Instead, go for items that are easier to manage but if the payout is good, go for bulky items as well.

Be a Good Team Player

Lethal Company is a co-op game for a reason because you have to work together in order to survive and bring back the scrap. Being a good team player could mean that you are protecting other players as they bring back big hauls, or you pick up different items and stick close to other players who are trying to protect the ones carrying the loads. Stick close to your teammates, communicate with them, and be a good team player to ensure that you and the others survive long enough to bring back as much scrap as possible.

Collect Loot at Facility Entrances

One strategy that works fairly well at maximizing your efficiency is that you collect valuable loot at the entrance of the facility and once you and your team have wiped it clean, you can just collect the loot from the entrance and bring it to your ship. Inside the facilities, collecting a lot of things will eventually just slow you down making you vulnerable to enemies and other threats. By using this strategy, you can collect your scrap at one spot and then at the end, quickly transfer it to your ship and leave.

Drop Loot if Your Life is Threatened

Lethal Company is not an easy game by any means and during it, you will come across a variety of monsters who will kill you in an instant. If you come across such a situation, common sense will dictate that you run away for your life but if you are loaded with loot to the brim, you cannot run very fast. You will need to ditch the loot and run away because survival ensures that you can always return to the same facility and check out another area for loot. If you are dead, you cannot contribute anymore and thus, it is better to ditch your current loot and run away and survive in order to return later and collect more scrap.

Leave No Man Behind

It might sound a little harsh but even if your teammates are dead, you can bring their bodies back and avoid a fine. When you set out on an expedition with a team, the Company demands that the entire team comes back. If this is not the case, the surviving members will need to pay a fine however this fine can be avoided if you can at least bring back their bodies. Given how cutthroat this business is, you will need every last dime to purchase upgrades so you should try to avoid fines whenever it is possible by collecting dead bodies and bringing them back with you.

Look After Each Other

Lethal Company is a co-op game, and it is designed with co-op in mind. Given this, you will need to look after your teammates and ensure that you are working optimally with each of them. Sometimes a teammate will be carrying something that will require both hands so in these situations, you should open doors with them and also protect them from incoming monsters. Helping them out in finding shortcuts also helps them massively. In the end, if your teammate is succeeding, you are succeeding so always look after your squad and help them out.

Only Sell When Zero Days Are Left

While you are collecting scrap for your quota, you should set a pace that ensures that you meet your target on the final day because, during the final day, you will get the best and the maximum price from the Company when you go back to sell the scrap. Selling early will also allow you to earn money but it will be less than that on the final day. Always collect scrap, keep it safe and maintain a pace to meet your quota on the final day of the trip. You can carry your loot between moons and planets so you can collect additional scrap as well but make sure that your quota limit is completed on the final day to maximize your profit.

Scan Everything

You may already know this already, but your scanner is the most important tool in your inventory because, without it, you cannot collect even the basic scrap. Once you arrive at a location and enter a facility, you will first need to scan everything around you and identify what qualifies as scavengeable scrap and what is just junk. During these scans, you will also identify the type of scrap and its approximate price. Make sure that you use your scanner often to identify much more valuable scrap and focus on it to maximize your paycheck at the end of the day. The scanner will also help you identify monsters and enemies inside a facility so use it often.

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This concludes our Lethal Company Money Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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