Kairosoft Brings Three More Games To Nintendo Switch eShop This Month


Kairosoft will bring three games on Nintendo Switch eShop on October 11, 2018. Game Dev Story++, Dungeon Village, and Hot Springs Story are the games that will join the eShop soon. The release is first scheduled for Japanese eShop, others will get later.

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All three games by Kairosoft are simulation based games but different in nature. In Game Dev Story++, players get to manage a game studio, if done properly the game studio will grow into a consoled and handheld development.

Dungeon Village game environment is based on a town in a fantasy RPG world. The players get to develop the town and if done right it grows more and becomes challenging to handle.

The third and final Hot Springs’s story circulates on an onsen. Players will need to manage an onsen and are required to come up with strategy so as to attract more customers. Players also need to manage customer’s needs.

All three games are available in iOS and android but Nintendo Switch versions will get exclusive features for sure. Though the features were not discussed as of yet and since the release date is soaring near, we will find out more soon.

In another news, a new Weed business tycoon game announced by Devolver Digital is coming soon to players who want to fulfill their weed growing and selling fantasies, and it’s called Weedcraft Inc. The announcement came in a trailer released by Devolver Digital which showcased the features that the game will have.

Weedcraft Inc is expected to come sometime in 2019 for PC players. There is no news if the game will be out for consoles as of yet.

The game has a familiar feeling of other tycoon and sim games like roller Coaster Tycoon and Cities: Skylines, except the focus is entirely on selling and producing weed. The game will begin with you needing soil an seeds to grow weed and making sure the plants grow well by providing water and trimming when necessary.

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