First Unofficial Nintendo Switch VR Style Headset Pre-Order Starting Soon

Nintendo Switch VR

The VR headset technology is in baby steps right now, but nevertheless the dream is realized with PSVR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Nintendo Switch VR is gaining traction with a recent unofficial VR style headset. The VR style headset costs $50 and you can pre-order it here.

A Canadian company exklim is taking the chances and making unofficial Nintendo Switch VR style headset for Nintendo Switch. The VR headsets is named ‘NS Glasses’. The headset is described as “world’s first headset for Switch”.

The NS Glasses use color switching technology that draws out specific shades that creates a 3D visual inside the headset. Since Nintendo Switch’s screen outputs 720 display, the NS Glasses also smooths the pixel count  which gives Nintendo Switch VR headset output in higher resolution.

NS Glasses uses a smart technology method which is very much necessary for Nintendo Switch because the console is not designed for a true VR output device.

The device features a locking mechanism that holds Nintendo Switch tightly. There are also holes in the housing that allows console’s fans to work correctly. According to the website, it says the headset comes with comfortable face pad and adjustable headband.

Nintendo Switch VR

Nintendo Switch VR


However, regardless of the design shown above, there are few constraints that can become challenging while using the NS Glasses on Nintendo Switch. For one, the weight of Nintendo Switch which is too much for hours of gameplay and can cause pain in the neck. Second, the absence of official Nintendo support can become lackluster for the product as it will not receive proper support for NS Glasses.

In another news, Nintendo is releasing special edition Nintendo Switch bundles of Pokémon: Let’s Go. It comes packed with extras. These special edition bundles are currently only available in UK however; they might make their way to other regions as well.

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