Just Cause 4 Getting Over It Easter Egg- How to Find

Just Cause 4 Getting Over It

The recently released game by Avalanche Studios has included a very amusing Easter Egg. It has not taken gamers long to figure out the Just Cause 4 Getting Over it Easter egg that was located just hours after the launch of the game.

If you are still clueless where to find this Easter egg, you have stopped by at the right place as we will show you how you can get to play this Easter egg game that was created by Bennett Foddy.

The Just Cause 4 Getting Over It Easter egg can be found on the mountain range that borders the Hanasacha regions of Solis island and the Picos Helados. Refer to the location we have provided on the map below.

Just Cause 4 Getting Over It

The area that you are looking to go to get this Easter egg is a mountain peak directly under a tall mountain with a snowy peak. This mountain also happens to be the tallest mountain in the game. At this point, you will be able to spot a cauldron and a pickaxe. Grapple towards it and start the mini-game by activating it with a button. This will cause Rico to climb into the cauldron and for you to get a little experience of the sensation that Getting Over It was just a couple of years ago.

The mini game begins by shifting to the classic 2D style of the original game, with the addition of the same narration style by Bennett Foddy himself. The mini game is a perfect replica and a parody of Getting Over It.

Getting Over It was a streaming sensation back when it first came out. The controls of the game were clumsy to say the least, which made the game extremely hard and frustrating to complete. The aspect of the clumsiness and the difficulty that it produced made for an amusing thing to watch when others tried their best to complete the game. What made the game even more frustrating was the fact that one mistake could throw away all your progress, as you tumbled down way back where you started from.

We would suggest you try the original game as well if you want a taste of what the original game was, and how amusing the game still is.

Have to tried the Easter egg yet in Just Cause 4? Let us know in the comments below.

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