Journey to the Savage Planet Guide – How to Fast Travel

Journey to the Savage Planet Guide

This Journey to the Savage Planet Guide will show you how you can get the fast travel feature in the game. As beautiful as the visuals of the game are, you will soon be asking for a fast travel option when you have to travel long distances for missions.

Fast Traveling is a feature that the game doesn’t put it out there for you. Instead, you are supposed to get this feature discovered on your own if you want to use it. This is where our guide will help you in getting the fast travel feature instead of having to look around and waste time.

Journey to the Savage Planet Guide

Below we have detailed how you can unlock the fast travel feature in the game.

How to Unlock Fast Travel

To fast travel, you first need to locate and activate the Alien Teleporters. These are towering structures that when activated, allow you to spawn at their location. They work basically like fast travel points that allow you to jump from one Teleporter on the map to the other.

In total, the map has 20 of these Alien Teleporters for you to activate. You don’t necessarily have to unlock all of them to get the fast travel feature, but it gives you the ease of access to jump from one point of the map to the region you want to go in a matter of seconds.

Fast traveling with the Alien Teleporters is as easy as pressing a button to interact with the blue orb. From there, a menu will pop up where you can select your option or location you wish to go to. Occasionally, the orb will turn red and you will have to fight enemies that will spawn.

This concludes our Journey to the Savage Planet Guide. Post your comments below.

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