It Takes Two Wasp Queen Boss Guide – How to Beat

It Takes Two Wasp Queen Boss Guide

In this It Takes Two Wasp Queen Boss Guide, we will show you how you can beat one of the bosses in the game called the Wasp Queen found in the Tree Chapter of the game, right after you have fought the giant beetle.

Let’s take a look at how this boss battle ensues, how you should be attacking her, and how she has prepared for the battle.

It Takes Two Wasp Queen Boss Guide

Below we have detailed how to beat the Wasp Queen in It Takes Two.

How to Beat Wasp Queen

When you first step into the battle, Wasp Queen comes with two large swarms of wasps that will attack you first. The queen will command the swarm to attack each of your characters, where you first have to clear out the swarm and attack the queen.

You are better of focusing on one enemy at a time, which means one of your character should hit the swarm of bees, while the other should focus on attacking the Wasp Queen itself, specifically the red taped weak points. The Wasp Queen also has two more weak points, again indicated by the red tapes, behind it. You can ride the rail to circle around her and shoot a few times to weaken her from behind.

Once you have broken the chest shield of the boss, she will command the swarm for an airstrike. This is where bombs will drop down with pentagonal shockwaves expanding upon impact. All you have to do in this stage is to jump over the waves to avoid being hit, but continuing with your shooting again once the attack finishes.

In the second stage of her special attacks, she will command the swarm to cut you away by using the wasps as a scissor, following you around to cut you. All you can do here is to run and evade the attack until it ends. As the battle progresses and the Wasp Queen gets weaker, so will the main battle stage, forcing you to ride the rails, jump over obstacles and continue the attacks from the rails. Eventually, after this stage, when you have dealt enough damage to completely defeat the queen, the battle will conclude.

This concludes our It Takes Two Wasp Queen Boss Guide. Post your comments below.

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