It Takes Two Giant Beetle Boss Guide – How to Beat

It Takes Two Giant Beetle Boss Guide

This It Takes Two Giant Beetle Boss Guide will show you how you can beat one of the main bosses in the game, called the Giant Beetle. This boss is one of the toughest ones you will be facing in the game, however, with a good strategy, no boss in the game is undefeatable.

Giant Beetle is the boss first which tests the co-op skills of both you and your teammate fighting against it. The boss is pretty quick but follows a pattern of attacking that you both have to take advantage of in the battle.

It Takes Two Giant Beetle Boss Guide

Below we have detailed how to beat the Giant Beetle boss in the game.

How to Beat Giant Beetle

The Giant Beetle has a few relentless attacks that it will use against you, targeting each of you by taking turns. You can take advantage of this to attack while the boss is targeting your other teammate. Additionally, the boss will also slam the ground after jumping, sending a shockwave that spreads outwards, forcing you to jump over the waves to avoid getting hit.

You will also notice that most of your weapons barely have any effect in dealing damage to the boss, while the only effective way to do so is to use the tree sap weapon to fill the four pots. Once you have done that, all you have to do is to either lure the Giant Beetle towards the pot and then shoot it to explode, dealing significant damage to the beetle. While this process may seem long, especially considering that the Giant Beetle has to get close to the pots before you can shoot them, it is the only effective way to end the battle in your favor.

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