Iceberg Interactive Acquires Blazing Sails IP, Hints at Exciting Future Developments

Iceberg Interactive Blazing Sails

Iceberg Interactive, a prominent video game publisher, has announced that it has acquired the Intellectual Property Rights to Get Up Games’ Pirate Battle Royale sensation, Blazing Sails. This strategic move comes as Blazing Sails continues to gain traction, having sold several hundreds of thousands of units on Steam and garnered millions of downloads during a promotional Free Week on the Epic Games Store.

Iceberg Interactive’s CEO, Erik Schreuder, shares insights into the acquisition and the company’s future plans, stating, “We have big plans to build upon the success of Blazing Sails on the PC platform and are also looking forward to bringing the game to Microsoft Xbox consoles later this year.” Schreuder reflects on Iceberg’s evolving role in the industry, mentioning their previous collaborations and acquisitions, including co-owning the IP for Hellbreach: Vegas and acquiring the IP for the horror adventure Lunacy: Saint Rhodes.

Iceberg Interactive Blazing Sails

Regarding the Blazing Sails acquisition, Schreuder explains, “Get Up Games expressed their desire to explore new projects, providing us with the opportunity to add Blazing Sails to our IP catalog and ensure its continued development.” He also highlights the seamless transition of Get Up Games’ lead programmer to Iceberg Interactive, signifying a smooth continuation of the Blazing Sails universe under Iceberg’s guidance.

Blazing Sails invites players into a thrilling pirate PvP experience where they must fight for survival amidst fast-paced battles on land and sea. Players can:

  • Create unique pirates and ships.
  • Join forces with other players to command formidable vessels.
  • Explore various game modes, maps, weapons, and ship types.
  • Engage in dynamic swashbuckling battles across land and sea.
  • Loot supplies, weapons, and upgrades from islands.
  • Customize playstyles with a wide array of plundered weapons.
  • Showcase spoils with customizable ship parts and accessories.
  • Unleash pirate tactics like sneaking aboard enemy ships for victory.

Iceberg Interactive Blazing Sails

As Iceberg Interactive takes the helm of Blazing Sails, players can anticipate expanded horizons for the game, including potential releases on new platforms and exciting content updates.

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