Hyper Scape Hacks Guide – How to Use Hacks, How to Fuse

Hyper Scape Hacks Guide

This Hyper Scape Hacks Guide will show you all the Hacks that can be found in the closed beta right now. Hacks are abilities that can be used in the game that offer you offensive and defensive buffs, while there are also some which turn you invisible or teleport.

Hacks can also be fused together to make them even more powerful by increasing their stats. This means that it is a good thing to find another Hack, which will make it even better when you use it in combat.

Hyper Scape Hacks Guide

Below we have detailed all the Hacks in the game and how you can fuse them.



Ball This will turn you into a bouncy ball that shortly negates incoming damage, and also allows you to evade opponents.
Armor This will produce a small armor shield where you will be safe from any incoming damage. However, you won’t be able to use your own weapons or ability when you are within it.
Mine a proximity mine that actually tracks the opponent if they get close to them, and explodes upon reaching the target
Heal A small area where you can heal yourself and your teammates
Invisibility You basically turn invisible for a short period, where you can still use your weapon and use other Hacks
Wall This ability will allow you to make a wall that will act as a great barrier between you and opponents
Slam This ability is great to slam down on the ground as an aerial attack and deal damage to opponents. However, you can also use it to stay up in the air for a while and scan the area for opponents
Teleport This ability will allow you to teleport to a short distance. Great way to evade when the fight gets overwhelming or when you are ambushed
Reveal A great way to reveal your opponents by pinging their locations. This ability will alert the opponents that their positions have been revealed

How to Fuse Hacks

Any Hack can be fused in Hyper Scape to make it stronger. However, it only works when you have a Hack, and find another in the match. Fusing is like upgrading which allows you to boost the stats of the Hacks

A Hack can only be fused when you have the Hack you want to upgrade and find another in the match as loot. When you pick up the same type of Hack, it will fuse both your previous and the new Hack together, and make it more powerful.

This concludes our Hyper Scape Hacks Guide. Post your comments below.

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