Huawei Targets 2030 for 6G Launch, Will be 50 Times Faster Than 5G

Huawei 6G

Huawei has revealed its plans to launch the next generation of broadband cellular network 6G by 2030. The plan was announced by Huawei’s rotating Chairman Xu Zhijun on Monday. He revealed that Huawei will launch its 6G networks in 2030, which will be 50 times faster than 5G, which is currently the newest cellular network generation.

Chairman Xu Zhijun made the remarks at Huawei global analysts conference in Shenzhen, south China’s Guangdong Province on Monday. Xu Zhijun said 6G networks will be introduced to the market around 2030, and Huawei will release a 6G white paper soon to explain to the industry what 6G is. Huawei has always been a leader in Communication technology. Its 5G is already significantly ahead of its rivals, and the company has now also taken the lead in 6G research and development.

Deputy dean of the School of Information at Tsinghua University, Cui Baoguo once predicted that 6G network speed could reach 1,000 gigabytes per second, with a delay of under 100 us-microseconds (0.1 ms-meter per second). The speed of 6G is 50 times that of 5G networks, and the delay is only one-tenth of the latter. 6G is far superior to 5G in terms of the peak rate, delay, traffic density, connection density, mobility, spectrum efficiency, and positioning capabilities.

The ultra-high network speed, however, is only a subsidiary product of 6G. Experts say the 6G network will lead to a fully connected world of terrestrial wireless and satellite communication integration, which can achieve seamless global coverage through satellite communication integration.

6G will also fix several problems which are faced by 5G. The 6G network will overcome the current 5G weakness of problematic connection under high-speed movement. The 6G supported speed exceeds 1,000 kilometers per hour.

We will have to wait for more information to really know what 6G will bring to the table and how it will work to provide such lightning-fast speeds.

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