How to Solve All Door Puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy 

How to Solve All Door Puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy 

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will come across a unique type of puzzle, which at first may seem quite tricky to understand, but requires basic math to solve. When exploring the game, you will come across a unique type of door with symbols arching around it, requiring you to solve the puzzle to enter. This guide will show you how to solve all of these door puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy to unlock the doors. 

How to Solve All Door Puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy 

When you reach one of the puzzle doors, you will find symbols of different creatures all around the door. In addition, you will find two triangles with numbers written on them. In each of the triangles will be a large number, while three other spots indicate a number, a symbol, and a question mark “?” symbol. 

The second triangle will be of the same nature, but instead of a single question mark, it will have two question marks “??”. On each side of the door will be two panels that you can interact with to choose the correct symbol to solve the puzzle.  

Before you try to solve the puzzle or try to figure out the missing number which will add up to the large number in the middle of a triangle, you need to understand that the symbols correspond from the values of 0-9 starting from left all the way to the right. You can also look at the image below to understand what we mean by the numbers. 

How to Solve All Door Puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy 

As you can see, each creature’s symbol corresponds to a number. Fit the number in the puzzle, and figure out the remaining number indicated by the “?”. When you have found the missing number, go to each panel and choose the right creature that corresponds to your solution number. This will solve the puzzle and open the door for you.

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That’s how you can solve the door puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy. Post your comments below. 

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