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With the launch of iOS 16, your iPhone and iPad can now be connected with Nintendo Joy-Cons in order to use them for playing games. This is not just limited to only iPhones but iPads also support this feature with iOS 16 so you can connect the small Nintendo Joy-Cons to your iOS device to enjoy playing games with it if you do not want to invest in a separate mobile Bluetooth controller or playing games with the generic touch screen buttons.

How to Pair Your Joy-Cons with iPhone and iPad

Using Joy-Cons to play games on your mobile device gives you a sense of comfortable gaming that only consolers or PC games can deliver because touch controls are not the ideal means of playing games especially when it comes to shooting games. If you have Joy-Cons in your home and play on a Nintendo Switch often, you can use the same Joy-Cons with your iPhone and iPad as well now.

  • The very first step is obviously checking your mobile device, iPhone or iPad is upgraded to iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. If you have to, connect your Joy-Cons to your Nintendo Switch console and see if there is an update for them as well. Update all of your hardware to its latest firmware before moving on.
  • Make sure that both Joy-Cons are charged and in connectivity mode. For entering connectivity mode, press the small button present between the SL and SR buttons at the top of it. Pressing this button will cause the green Joy-Con light to start bouncing back and forth.
  • Next, pick up the Apple device that you want to connect to and head to Settings>Bluetooth. From there, turn Bluetooth Off and then back On to make your device search for nearby devices.
  • Your iPhone or iPad will find the Joy-Con depending on which one you chose to connect first and then you just have to tap on its name to complete the pairing. If you want to connect both Joy-Cons, you will need to repeat the same process with the other one.

Compatible Games

While the list of compatible games is not too big even at this point, there are some cool games that you can try out. If you have Apple Arcade, there are tons of games included with the service that support playing with the Joy-Cons. You can play Stardew Valley, Sonic Racing, Mini Motorways, Horizon Chase 2, NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition, and tons of other games with your subscription.

That is all for this guide on how you can connect your Joy-Cons with your iPhone or iPad. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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