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Pure Quartz is a late-game resource that you will need when you have moved your base in Palworld to depend on electricity. In order to create automatic assembly lines and electrical items, you will need to craft circuit boards which require a large amount of pure quartz. You will not need pure quartz in any of the starting areas which is why you should also worry about looking for it pretty late in the game. This Palworld Pure Quartz guide will help you with how and where you can obtain and farm pure quartz in the game.

How to Get Pure Quartz in Palworld

Being a late-game resource, Pure Quartz is found in one of the toughest locations of the entire map. The northernmost island of the map is covered entirely with snow, and it is mostly rocky formations. In these snow-capped mountains, you will find deposits of pure quartz. While you are exploring these areas, you will easily identify the pure quartz deposits since they have glass formations on top of them that look like spikes. Their color is also prominent more during the night but moving around this area makes it hard to easily farm Quartz even with a flying mount.

Palworld Pure Quartz
Map Source: MapGenie

Your best bet is to establish a secondary base here and ensure that all pure quartz goes straight to this base rather than any other base on the map. Just find an open space near some nodes and set up a base that should take care of your pure quartz needs. You can also look for different locations with the fast travel point around here which will allow you to visit other places on the map as well. You can use a pickaxe to mine pure quartz, or you can assign a high-level Pal as well who will continue to mine pure quartz from all available deposits for you.

Best Pure Quartz Farming Locations in Palworld

While pure quartz deposits are located all over the snowy mountains, two particular areas are the best places to farm it because multiple pure quartz deposits are sitting at the same location in these areas. These two locations can be found at coordinates (-256, 392) and (-212, 249). It would help if you used a flying mount for these locations otherwise you will spend a lot of time climbing around and going around tall rocks.

Palworld Pure Quartz
Map Source: MapGenie

That is all for this guide. For more Palworld resources, make sure to check out our how to get leather, sulfur, wheat seeds, ore, coal, and Ancient Technology Points. If you want to jump into Palworld with your friends, make sure to check out our Palworld Multiplayer Guide as well.

This concludes our Palworld guide on how you can obtain Pure Quartz. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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