How to Get Ore in Palworld – How to Get, Best Farming Locations

Palworld Ore

Palworld features crafting and for making ingots, you will need to obtain ore. While it is a mid-game resource, you will be better off knowing how you can obtain ore and also getting to know some of the best ore farming locations in Palworld. You will start noticing Ore deposits right from the start of the game, but you will not really require it until after a certain progression in story and crafting. This Palworld Ore guide will help you find ore in Palworld easily and also lists some good ore farming locations in the game.

How to Get Ore in Palworld

Ore deposits are black and white rocks with some red in them and you will easily recognize them when you see them. You will come across your very first ore deposit right at the start of your game, but you will not be able to harvest it just yet.

How to Obtain Ore

For obtaining ore, you will first need to craft a pickaxe. There are multiple versions of pickaxe found in the game but even the very first one called Stone Pickaxe can help you collect ore. A stone pickaxe requires:

  • Stone x5
  • Wood x5

Palworld Ore

Simply craft it on the workbench and you are good to go. At later stages in the game, you can also assign your Pals to craft ore for you. Higher-level Pals will not only help you collect ore, but they will also help you collect more ore than lower-level ones. Digtoise is so far the best Pal for helping you out with mining stone and ore. Apart from Digtoise, you can also use Penking. Apart from these, if you have any other Pal in your inventory with Level Two Mining skill, they can help you out in mining ore. For increasing your own personal ore collection efficiency, you can craft a better pickaxe later when you have access to better crafting materials such as the Metal Pickaxe or the Refined Metal Pickaxe.

Ore Farming Locations in Palworld

There are multiple locations in Palworld where you can mine ore easily as there are a lot of deposits there, but two locations are essentially best for farming ore because of different ore deposits located in close proximity. Simply set up a base in these locations and get some Pals to start digging at these locations. Check the map below for these locations:

Image Source: MapGenie

That is all for this guide. If you need help with additional tasks, make sure to check out our Palworld guides including Ancient Technology Guide, Beginner’s Guide, Wheat Seeds, Coal Guide, Polymer Guide, and Leather Guide.

That is all for our guide on how to get ore in Palworld. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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