How to Destroy Gray Crystals Using Power of Khvarena in Genshin Impact

How to Destroy Gray Crystals in Genshin Impact

The Khvarena of Good and Evil quest in Genshin Impact will take you to the Girdle of the Sands area in Sumeru, which will be blocked by Gray Crystals. In order to proceed in the quest, you need to destroy the crystals to head inside. The game does not specifically show you how to remove the Gray Crystals, but this guide will do so by showing you how to destroy the gray crystals using the Power of Khkharvarena in Genshin Impact.

How to Destroy Gray Crystals Using Power of Khvarena in Genshin Impact

When you do get to the Gray Crystals, you will learn about them and how they are left behind by the remnants of corruption. The prompt that shows up also says that you need to use the Power of Khvarena to remove them. It also says that once the power retreats, the Gray Crystals will reappear, blocking the same path again.

This power will require you to find the Khvarena, which is actually trapped close to the crystals, on the right side of the rock when facing the crystals. This rock will be highlighted with a marker pointing down towards the trapped Khvarena. You need to break open the rock to free the Khvarena and then lead it toward the crystals.

The Power of Khvarena will instantly melt the Crystals, opening up the path for you in a couple of seconds.

Completing this small task of clearing out the Gray Crystals also rewards you with the ‘Shining in the Mire’ achievement and you can now continue ahead in The Splendorous Sky That Day quest.

And that’s how you can clear out the Gray Crystals using the Power of Khvarena in Genshin Impact. Post your comments below.

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