Hogwarts Legacy Items Guide – How to Get All Items

Hogwarts Legacy Items Guide

Hogwarts Legacy has several items that you will be needing for activities. Whether it is for completing quests, or if you need them for a recipe. This includes items such as Moonstones, Mandrakes, Ashwinder Eggs and so much more. This Hogwarts Legacy Items Guide will show you how to get all items in the game.

Hogwarts Legacy Items Guide

Items are also needed to make Potions, as these are vital for the gameplay and combat, providing your character with various abilities and buffs. Brewing these potions will require certain items for the recipe. Below we have listed all the Items and how to get them:

Item #1 – Mallowsweet

Mallowsweet is an item that players become aware of once they meet Nora Treadwell in Lower Hogsfield. This item is required for the Merlin Trials and there are two ways you can get them.

However, the herb itself is not so cheap to obtain and will require you to first unlock the Room of Requirement. You can get this item by purchasing from vendors who will sell it to you for 100 Galleons. Additionally, you can also buy the seeds for this plant and grow them in the Room of Requirements to get more of this item.

Item #2 – Fluxweed Stem

Fluxweed Stem is another important item that you will need, both for specific assignments and to brew certain potions like the Felix Felicis and the Focus Potion.

To get this item, you need to go to The Magic Neep, a shop that is run by Timothy Teasdale that can be found west in Hogsmeade. This shopkeeper will sell you the plant for 150 Galleon, although you can also get the plant seeds to grow them in the Room of Requirement.

Item #3 – Mandrakes

An iconic item from the series, Mandrakes are the high-pitched screaming plant that is quiet when inside the potted plant, but squeals once you pull it out from the pot. The plant is mainly used to stun enemies, making it a useful item when using it for combat. Another use for this plant is to learn the Wingardium Leviosa spell, obtained as a reward when you complete Professor Garlick’s first assignment.

Like any other plant, you can buy them from a shop in Hogsmeade, whereas this specific plant can be purchased from the Deathcap shop.

The plant doesn’t come cheap and will cost you 500 Galleons each, but you can also grow this plant using seeds. Additionally, you can also get the plants from Madam Green, but it is better to grow your own once you have the means to buy seeds, and fertilizer, and have access to the Room of Requirement.

Item #4 – Chopping Station

Chopping Station makes gathering items and ingredients easier. Players looking to brew different Potions won’t have to waste time buying and gathering plants if they have a Chopping Station.

You can get a Chopping Station from the Tomes and Scrolls Shop in Hogsmeade for 1,500 Galleons. The item is quite expensive but considering how much it helps you in the long run, it is a very important purchase. Once you have the Chopping Station, you can use it in the Room of Requirement using 20x Moonstones and the Conjuring Spell.

You can have three Chopping Stations in the Room of Requirement where each will give you a random plant after nine minutes.

Item #5 – Hopping Pot

The Hopping Pot can be purchased quite early in the game from the Tomes and Scrolls shop in Hogsmeade. The item doesn’t come cheap and will cost you 3,000 Galleons to get one. In addition, you also need to unlock the Room of Requirement to use one.

The Hopping Pot is best for you to get a Potion. The advantage here is that players don’t have to go looking for plants and ingredients, followed by brewing them. The only catch here is that it produces a random potion after every twelve minutes. Like the Chopping Station, you can place three Hopping Pots in the Room of Requirement and get a Potion after every twelve minutes.

Item #6 – Dittany Leaves

Dittany Leaves are used for the player’s healing purposes, which makes it an important and common item that players will be looking to get at all times. Dittany Leaves are used to make Wiggenweld Potions, which means that you will be looking for more of this item.

Fortunately, the game has a handful of ways you can get Dittany Leaves and does not necessarily require you to unlock the Room of Requirement. You can purchase the leaves from The Magic Neep shop in Hogsmeade for 100 Galleon each, but the best way to have a lot to them is to grow them using Dittany Seeds.

You can also find Dittany Leaves near the Greenhouse where you can harvest them. There is also another way you can get Dittany Leaves, and though not the best, it is still a  way you can get them with the use of a Chopping Station. This again can be done by placing the Chopping Station in the Room of Requirement and using it to randomly get a plant. If you are lucky, you can get Dittany Leaves from time to time.

Item #7 – Moonstones

Moonstones are the most commonly used items, especially when it comes to crafting in Room of Requirement. This item can be found in the open world of the game, but there is a better way of getting them if you have some money to spare.

For a  more reliable way of getting Moonstones, you can get the Material Refiner from Tomes and Scrolls shop in Hogsmeade. The Refiner will cost you 1,500 Galleons, but will give you Moonstones every ten minutes. You can place three Material Refiners and have them working in the Room of Requirement, giving you a stable and ideal way of obtaining Moonstones.

Item #8 – Venomous Tentacula

The Venomous Tantacula is a plant that is best used for combat. This item provides an additional way to combat enemies as it lets you shoot acid at them. You can place the Tentacula in such a way that it aids you when taking on multiple enemies. Another use for this plant is to learn the Wingardium Leviosa spell, obtained as a reward when you complete Professor Garlick’s first assignment.

You can start off by getting a few Venomous Tentacula from the Greenhouse for free, but to get more you need to visit Dogweed and Deathcap shop. The shop will sell you whole plants for 600 Galleons each, or you can purchase seeds for 1,050 Galleons and grow your own plant in the Room of Requirement.

Item #9 – Ashwinder Eggs

Ashwinder Eggs are an important ingredient item when it comes to brewing powerful potions like the Edarus Potion. This potion lets you create a rocky barrier on your skin, protecting you from enemy attacks from larger enemies and bosses.

While you can get these eggs out in the wild from rocky terrain, like the one near the Quidditch pitch, the most easiest and reliable way of obtaining them is by purchasing them at J. Pippin’s Potions shop in Hogsmeade. The Ashwinder Eggs in this shop are sold for 150 Galleons, which is relatively cheap when it comes to other items in comparison

However, since you will be needing more of these eggs in the long run, you should be on the lookout for them when out exploring.

Item #10 – Troll Bogeys

Troll Bogeys are an important ingredient item that you need to make the invisibility potion. This item can be purchased from J. Pippin’s for 100 Galleons, but the shopkeeper does not have enough to sell in the first place.

This forces players to look for Troll Bogeys from their original source, that is by fighting off trolls. You can find Trolls in Troll Lairs in locations such as Feldcroft and Poidsear Castle. To get the Bogeys, you need to kill a Troll which will then drop a few Troll Bogeys that you can pick up.

Item #11 – Horklump Juice

Horklump Juice is another vital ingredient when it comes to brewing Wiggenweld Potions. But unlike the other item in its recipe: Dittany Leaves, this item cannot be grown and can only be found in the wild or purchased from vendors.

If you want a small amount of Horklump Juice fast, you can do so by heading to J. Pippin’s shop in Hogsmeade. The shopkeeper will sell the item for 50 Galleons, but in limited quantity. Any more of this item that you need will require you to step out in the wild and look for it.

To find more Horklump Juice, you can do so by going to the Scottish Highlands and obtaining them from Treasure Vaults. Additionally, you can also go to Horklump hollow, towards a cave that is north of Hogsmeade. This location contains a lot of Horklump Juice but is guarded by a Troll that you have to take down.

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That’s all the items that you can get in the game as shown in our Hogwarts Legacy Items Guide. Post your comments below.


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