Hogwarts Legacy Clock Tower Puzzle Guide – How to Solve and Get Rewards

Hogwarts Legacy Clock Tower Puzzle Guide

One of the puzzles you will find in Hogwarts Legacy is the Clock Tower puzzle, where you have to unlock the doors at the Clock Tower and obtain the rewards from each door. This Hogwarts Legacy Clock Tower Puzzle Guide will show you all the solutions to this puzzle and how to get all the rewards.

Hogwarts Legacy Clock Tower Puzzle Guide

The puzzle is found at the Clock Tower, the building that is at the Crossed Wand Dueling Club. This location is accessible once you have completed Professor Moon’s mission. Before you step into the tower to solve the puzzle you need to learn a few spells to complete the puzzle.

The spells are Arresto Momentum or Glacius, so you can freeze the pendulum in one place for the puzzle to work. The other spell you need is Alohomora, which will help you unlock the doors to access the rewards inside.

When ready, you can now enter the Clock Tower, where a giant pendulum will be swinging from left to right, and very slowly. Looking up from the pendulum, you will find a small circle on the pendulum, along with 4 dials with images on a stationary beam.

The trick here is to stop the pendulum on each of the dials to unlock the doors. Starting from the dial on the far left, when the pendulum reaches the left position, use the Arresto Momentum or the Glacius spell to freeze it in place. You need to freeze it in such a position that the dial on the pendulum stops in line with the dial on the stationary beam.

The symbol on the left dial will be of a unicorn, which will unlock the unicorn door on the tower’s ground floor.

The rest of the dials require the same process, where you need to stop the pendulum on the dials with symbols, and then go to the doors to unlock them and get the rewards inside.


  • Unicorn Door Reward: Landscape Painting
  • Owl Door Reward: 500 Galleons
  • Twin-Headed Dragon Door Reward: Medium Tables
  • Scarab Door Reward: Legendary Gear

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That’s how you can complete this puzzle as shown in our Hogwarts Legacy Clock Tower Puzzle Guide. Post your comments below.


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