Hitman 2 Whittleton Creek Walkthrough Guide – Points of Interest, Disguises

Hitman 2 Whittleton Creek Walkthrough Guide

In this Hitman 2 Whittleton Creek Walkthrough Guide, we will show you how to complete the fifth mission of the game. For this mission, Agent 47 finds himself in a suburban setting, where as a new resident, he is to look for ways to integrate as a member of the community to eliminate two targets.

This mission is called “Another Life”, where Agent 47 has to assassinate the former member of the Providence organization known as Janus, while another target is the leader of his security detail known as Nolan Cassidy.

You will find that you need to gather three clues in order to reveal that Janus is still involved in the current Providence activities. This is helped by the area being a tightly knit residential society where there is a lot of gossip going around. This can be used to gather information about your target.

Hitman 2 Whittleton Creek Walkthrough Guide

Below, we will list all the items that you can find in this area, the points of interest that you can explore and to chose the best way to kill all the three targets of The Crows. We will highlight everything related to this mission so that you can chose whichever method you prefer the best to assassinate the targets.

Hitman 2 – Points of Interest

Janus Property
this is the location where one of your targets; Janus resides in. This area is filled with security which will make it hard for you to sneak in. SO the best way to get in is with a disguise that is suitable for the guards to let you go unnoticed.

Cassidy Property
This is the location that is used by Nolan as a base for security operations where you can often find him roaming around in. the ground floor o the property has a lot of items and clues for you about Nolan, while upstairs you can find a alarmed armory full of heavy weapons.

Whittleton Creek
This can be located at the bottom of your map, and has a lot of stuff to see around. There are lot of places you can gather information here, including a security guard of Janus who is reading the spy’s diary.

Public Park
This locations will have a politician campaigning here, which is not as interesting as the other places, but can offer you a few disguises.

Protected Reservoir
This area is at the back of the Cassidy and Batty households, where it has become a point of contention for the two owners. This area can be good for sneaking through, while there are frogs that can be used as a way of collecting poison.

Schmidt Property
This is a mostly empty property, with a tree house in the garden that can serve as a sniper spot location for you, if you chose the sniper method of assassinating the targets.

Wilson Property
This location will be where the Wilson family will be holding a family bbq with the whole neighborhood invited. You can roam around in this area and also serve food.

Hitman 2 Whittleton Creek – Clues

Before you begin by taking out your targets, you are also required to gather three clues that prove Janus’ involvement in the Providence organization. There are multiple clues around for you to gather, and we have listed all of them below.

Surveillance Tape
This can be found in the security room of the Cassidy property. Once you collect it, you also need a tape player to listen to it, and that can be found in the attic of the Lewinsky building.

Lawsuit Papers
These documents can be found in Batty’s Shed in his back garden, which tells us about an endangered wildlife area being used as a helipad on a regular basis for something suspicious.

Letter to Janus
In the same security room of Janus’ property, you will find a letter from Janus that will insinuate a connection between him and the Ark Society.

Janus’ Diary
This diary can be found in the creek where a guard of Janus will be reading his diary, while sitting on a bench. Take it from him to get more clues.

In Janus’s library which is upstairs in his house, you can find an old piece of microfilm that shows a connection between him and Providence. Take the micro film to Wilson house where you can view it in a microfilm viewer in the attic

Ceremonial Robes
In the west property, you will find that Helen has been making a set of ceremonial robes for Janus. When you try the robe or yourself, you will find a note that suggests he will be wearing this in Providence meeting soon.

Hitman 2 Whittleton Creek – Disguises

Janus Bodyguard
you can find this bodyguard sitting on a bench in the creek reading a diary. Take him down to get this disguise

Cassidy Bodyguard
there are many bodyguards protecting Cassidy in his property. You can choose the one in the garden where he can be subdued and stolen off his disguise.

There is a nurse that tends to Janus, and can be found on the creek with the ducks at the bottom of your map. While he is talking to the animals, you can knock him out and take his disguise.

The exterminator can be found around his van at the front of the Batty residence. He can be found standing near a bush, which is a great hiding spot for his body.

There are two ways you can get this disguise, the first is from a Server hiding upstairs in a small room in Wilson house. There he can be knocked down and you can hide his body.. the other Server is on the muffin stand on the top right of your map, he can be lured into the bushes and killed for his disguise.

Real Estate Broker
The broker can be found at the muffin stand where you can slip a little poison in one to upset his stomach, where he will follow to throw up in a nearby bin. You can take advantage of this quiet location to take him down for his disguise.

The gardener can be seen in an argument with the police in front of the Janus house about killing some moles with explosives. When he is done talking to the police, you can kill him as he approaches back to his truck.

Hitman 2 Whittleton Creek – Items

Wilson House Key
This can be found in the kid’s room in the Wilson house, on the side table at the door.

Janus House Key
This can be found on many of the bodyguards carrying the key, you will have to take them out in order to get the keys.

Batty House Key
The keys can be found with the exterminator who carries a copy of the Batty house keys.

Cassidy House Key
This can also be found with the exterminator.

Rat Poison
although there are multiple locations you can get your poison from, the easiest place to find it is in the garage of the house opposite to the muffin stand. Get inside the garage and the poison will be on a box near the back.

Propane Flask
This can be taken from a shed that is opposite the statue by the creek to the bottom of the map. Jump through the window where you will find one sitting on the side.

Remote CX Detonator
you can find these stashed by the police car in the roadworks, top left of the map. Sneak behind the barriers and take them when there is no one around.

Microfilm Viewer
This can be found in the attic of the Wilson House. Access the attic from the ladder that can be found in the kids room.

this can be found in the back of the gardener’s truck.

To late this item, you need to go to the construction site, found bottom right on your map. Once you are there, you will need to break into a green storage box with a crowbar to get it.

Hitman 2 Whittleton Creek – How to kill Janus and Nolan Cassidy

Since Janus does not leave his house as much, he is only seen in his garden. The best way to make him come out is to disguise yourself as his nurse. As Janus needs to be regularly checked up due to his declining health, you can take this opportunity to kill him. Once you have assassinated Janus, leave without being spotted.

Alternatively, you can also encourage him to smoke his cigarette, while sabotaging his oxygen tank. This will cause an explosion when he lights a cigarette to smoke.

The other target, Nolan Cassidy can be found on the move all the time. You can encourage him to come to the BBQ for some free food, which can be poisoned pre hand.

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This concludes our Hitman 2 Whittleton Creek Walkthrough Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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