Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna Walkthrough Guide – Points of Interest, Items

Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna Walkthrough Guide

In this Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna walkthrough Guide we will show you how to complete the third mission of the game that is set in Santa Fortuna. This location is set in Columbia where Agent 47 next finds himself to take down a few more new targets. These three targets are a member of the world’s largest cartels.

Since this location is based on the three targets on different locations, the challenge can seem a bit difficult compared to the previous missions. However, this is where our guide will come handy as we will highlight the most important things for you to complete the Santa Fortuna mission of Hitman 2.

In Santa Fortuna, you are pursuing to kill three targets as mentioned before. These are the key members of the Delgado drug cartel. These targets are scattered in this region which means that you will have to kill them individually.

The three targets to eliminate in Santa Fortuna are Andrea Martinez, Jorge Franco, and Rico Delgado.

Andrea Martinez spends most of her time in the village where she serves as a business manager of operations.

Jorge Franco who is the cook can be found experimenting with a new drug recipe over in his plantation.

Lastly, Rico Delgado who is the leader of the Delgado cartel and the head f the empire can be found in his lavish luxury mansion with a lot of security and guards around him at all times.

Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna Walkthrough Guide

Below, we will list all the items that you can find in this area, the points of interest that you can explored and to chose the best way to kill all the three targets of the Delgado cartel. We will highlight everything related to this mission so that you can chose whichever method you prefer the best to assassinate the targets.

Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna – Points of Interest

Santa Fortuna Village
This village contains a lot of things for you to explore. Agent 47 first playthrough also starts from here. You can check out the hostels and the statue ceremony for Rico Delgado. Meanwhile, Andrea Martinez’s office residence is also here with several other buildings that contain useful items and disguises for Agent 47.

Rico Delgado’s Mansion
The mansion that Rico resides in is right in the middle of the map, you can locate it by indentifying a large gate to its entrance. To get inside is a very difficult challenge and only a disguise will be peaceful option. If that is not for you, there is an underground cave network that leads inside the mansion.

Since Rico is experimenting newer ways to deliver his drugs, there is a cave network underground Santa Fortuna. You can also use a submarine that you can find and mess with in the caves.

Shaman’s Hut
This is a tourist location where people come to get high usually. There is not much to find here, however a disguise can be found here that can be used in the Hallowed Grounds mission of the game.

This area can be found at the back of the village past Andrea Martinez’s offices. Here you can find some useful items to gather for yourself.

Coca Plantation
This area is heavily guarded and can be found at the bottom of your map. However, there are many crops here that you can hide or sneak in to avoid being detected. But to make things easier, it is best to kill a guard and take its disguise. This is also where the cook, Jorge Franco will be for you to kill.

Construction Site
This location is the site where Andrea Martinez has to arrive to resolve a construction dispute as the digging has unveiled a shaman burial site. It is created quite a headache for Andrea, who can be called up at this site, where a lot of accidents can happen.

Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna – Disguises

You can get this disguise from Shaman’s Hut

This disguise can be obtained from the fishery where a tattooist will be drinking nervously at a bar. You can poison his beer bottle to kill him and take his disguise.

Construction Worker
this disguise can be obtained from the construction site where a worker is toiling away in one of the buildings alone. You can kill him and take his disguise.

Cave Worker
This disguise can be taken from the food stall near the fishery from woman. If you follow her, she will lead you to her husband hiding there. Take his disguise to enter the cave system.

you can obtain this disguise near Andrea’s office where a backpacker will be on the balcony. You can wait for him to be alone and kill him to take his outfit.

Mansion Guard
this disguise can be obtained if you make your way to the back of the caves and past the ancient ruins where there will be a guard near Rico’s hippo. You can kill the guard and take his disguise to enter Rico’s Mansion.

Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna – Items

Circuit Board
This item is one of the important pieces of item that is needed to piece together Jorge’s cocaine machine. You can find this in a red box on a precipice above the plan crash near the shaman’s hut.

Poison Flowers
Many of these poison flowers can be found in the map, however, the best place to find them is near the shaman’s hut. They are large and purple, and not that easy to miss.

Coca Lab Keycard
this key card can be found by the water’s edge in a hut at the back of Jorge’s plantation. Lure the assistant out so your sneak in to grab the card.

Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna – How to Kill Andrea, Jorge and Rico

Andrea Martinez can be found in the village, but can be lured to the construction site which is having a few problems. When she reaches the construction site, you can make her death look like an accident that happened on the site.

Jorge Franco will be in his plantation working on a new recipe. He can be killed when he gets too close to his machine.

The drug leader of the cartel, Rico can be found in his mansion. You will need a guards disguise to get to him. When he comes out for the ceremony of the Statue unveiling, you can sabotage the foundation of the statue to fall onto Rico.

Other ways to kill Rico is by tinkering the submarines that he is so excited about. Once he rides, he will go out of control and crash.

After you have successfully killed all of the targets, there are many ways you can escape, depending on who you kill last. Escape can range from just a strolling away to making a helicopter escape.

This concludes out Hitman 2 Santa Fortuna Walkthrough Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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