Hitman 2 Mumbai Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide – How to Achieve

Hitman 2 Mumbai Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide

In this Hitman 2 Mumbai Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide, we will guide you on how you can clear the level Mumbai in Hitman 2 while achieving the Silent Assassin Ranking. For Silent Assassin Ranking, you must know that no one should see you as a suspicious person and no camera should record you. This has to be a very clean run. Even if a camera records you, you will fail to get the Silent Assassin rank.

We have curated this Hitman 2 Mumbai Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide in which we have a level walkthrough for you which will help you achieve the Silent Assassin rank of this level. Mumbai is the fourth level in the game and it will need some advanced thinking

Mumbai Silent Assassin – Hitman 2

In this Hitman 2 Mumbai Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide, we will guide you on how you can achieve Silent Assassin on the Mumbai level of Hitman 2.

Initial Approach

To begin with this chapter, we recommend that you start the chapter from the original starting location and not any custom starting location. Your first target for this playthrough will be Dawood Rangan. As soon as the level starts, make your way to the crowd in the street and continue moving ahead by keeping left. Soon, the road will widen up and you will be able the get to the back of the under-construction building.

Go all the way around and you will be able to enter the building from right under the sign ‘No Entry’. Use the big pipe to get access to the building. Keep to the edge of the building and use the environment as a cover because the area is crawling with guards and you cannot be seen here. When you see the guard behind a pipe, head towards him, subdue him and get his disguise.  Now that you have a disguise, you can move around.

Use the blue container ahead to climb up. This will ensure that you skip the security camera and the enforcer in the area. Enter through the double doors and turn right. Go past the elevator shaft and then turn right again to enter another door. Use the ramp to get access to the canteen in the back. Here, you will need to enter the storage room in the left side and grab the rat poison inside. Use the poison on the food tray to poison it and wait.

One of the crewmembers will run to the bathroom after eating the food and you need to follow him. Once in the bathroom, subdue the crewmember, steal his outfit and hide the body in the nearby laundry basket.  Head back to the elevator outside and get to the second floor. Upstairs, you will notice the movie script hanging at the edge of the beam. Use anything to bring it down and collect it.

Taking down the First Target

After collecting the movie script, head back to the building and use the signs to get to the movie set. Find the movie director wearing the hat and the pink scarf. Give her the script and then make your way to the industrial fan on the set. Check the shelves nearby to grab a screwdriver and quickly loosen the fan with it. Once done, get in position on the fan. Wait until the movie scene starts and wait until the co-start leaves Dawood alone on the stage. Once he is alone on the stage, flip the switch and kill Dawood by blasting him with air and falling down the building.

Taking down the Second target

Your second target for this mission is Maelstrom. Before you kill the target, you will need to identify the target as well. Retrace your steps and get out of the construction building using the same pipe you used earlier to enter it. Once you are out, start heading towards the slums via the upper walkway. Avoid getting too near to the Crows gang on your way.

When you spot two guards in the stairs going down, wait until they have their back towards you and use the window to get access to the building below. Ahead, you will spot two more guards on the left, outside the door. Wait until their backs are towards you and quickly go down the stairs and enter the Crows HQ. The next area is tricky because there are many guards roaming around here.

At the bottom of the stairs, turn left and keep following the dark corridor. When you see two guards up ahead, turn right into the small room so that the guards can pass you unnoticed. Once done, get out and follow the guards. Keep going and then enter the cupboard to hide from them. Wait until they have gone to the opposite side. Get out and continue ahead. You will eventually reach a small room to your left side where you will find another guard.

Take out the guard silently, wear his uniform and hide the body in the cupboard. Now check the table on the left side and pick up the picture on it. This is Maelstrom’s picture. Your next step is to set up a trap for the target. For this, you need to disguise yourself as a barber. His shop has a large crowd outside it and also has a man’s face on the shelters. Head to the back of the shop and listen to the conversation between the barber and his wife.

Once the conversation ends, sneak inside, subdue the barber and take his clothes. Hide his body in the closet before the wife comes back. When the wife comes back, subdue her too. Now go downstairs and pick up the key sitting on the side table. Use it to open the shop and the customers will start coming in. Identify the Maelstrom using the picture and offer him services. Lead him to the secluded chair and kill him there. There is a box nearby where you can hide the body.

Taking out the Third Target

Your last target for this mission is Vanya Shah. To take her out, you need to get yourself a tailor’s disguise. Make your way to the train yard and near the entrance, you will see a tailor shop. Confront the tailor who will run to the slums. Chase him down and subdue him when he stops. Take his disguise and hide the body in the nearby toilet. Pick up the key as well. Once done, head back to the shop and use the stairs at the back side to enter the shop.

Once inside, head to the table and pick up Vanya’s order. Next pick up the measuring tape and the coins next to the order and head back outside. Now you need to purchase some cloth. Once outside, turn left to enter the slums where you will immediately spot a cloth seller. Negotiate with the seller and buy some cerulean cloth from him. Ditch all the weapons and head to the entrance of the train yard where you will be body-searched before you are taken to Vanya Shah.

After the search, follow the escort by avoiding the cameras in the area. Stick to the walls to avoid the cameras. When you reach Vanya, she will ask you for cloth. If you have the right one, she will invite you to her room where you will need to take the measurements for the dress. While taking measurements, use the measuring tape to strangle her. Next subdue her assistant in the same room. Hide both bodies in the cupboard and you will be good to escape.

Follow the same path but make sure you avoid the security cameras. After leaving the train yard, turn right and you will arrive at the beach. Here you can choose between the cab or the boat to escape. This will complete the mission.

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This concludes our Hitman 2 Mumbai Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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