Hitman 2 Miami Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide – How to Achieve

Hitman 2 Miami Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide

In this Hitman 2 Miami Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide, we will guide you on how you can clear the level Miami in Hitman 2 while achieving the Silent Assassin Ranking. For Silent Assassin Ranking, you must know that no one should see you as a suspicious person and no camera should record you. This has to be a very clean run. Even if a camera records you, you will fail to get the Silent Assassin rank.

We have curated this Hitman 2 Miami Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide in which we have a level walkthrough for you which will help you achieve the Silent Assassin rank of this level. Miami is the second level in the game and hence it is still much easier than later levels to get a Silent Assassin rank here.

Miami Silent Assassin – Hitman 2

In this Hitman 2 Miami Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide, we will guide you on how you can achieve Silent Assassin on the Miami level of Hitman 2.

Initial Approach

Just like the previous mission, we will begin at the original starting location for this level as well. You can pick different spawn points but we recommend that for Silent Assassin, go with the original spawn location. As soon as you spawn in the mission with the race track in front, head to underpass located on the left side.

Enter and keep going until you emerge on the other side. Head right where a parking garage is located. Be careful while entering the garage as a security camera is located here. Use your heightened senses to watch the camera’s viewing radius and enter the garage avoiding it. Inside, you will see a man wearing a pink and blue bird costume.

Ignore the bird man for now and go straight ahead in the corridor where you will see a man helping another one who seems to be injured. Near them, you will find a set of keys. Pick them up and return to the bird man. Once his call is over, give him the car keys. He will thank you and start moving towards his vehicle.

Once he is in the parking lot, watch out for your surroundings and subdue him. Do not kill him or you will not get Silent Assassin. There is a container located in the garage where you can hide his body. Take his disguise, hide the body and now make your way to his car. It will be an old van. Open it and collect incriminating evidence from the inside. Now you are ready for the next step.

Taking down the First Target

For this run, your first target will be Sierra Knox. Go back inside the garage and go up using the stairs near the parking ticket stations. Once up, follow the path which goes around right and you will come to two guards. Your disguise will help you here so head straight through and use the underpass to reach the other side.

On the other side, head left to the garden and speak with the guard at the entrance of the garden. Tell the guard that you want to meet with Sierra Knox. He will lead you inside to your seat. Wait for Sierra to show up and then follow him to the back alley where the meeting is supposed to take place. Once there, confront here and give her the evidence. Once she moves over the open shaft to burn it, kick her down to her death. On to the next target.

Taking down the Second Target

Make your way back to the large bridge at the race track. Go to the top and reach the middle where you will find a crowbar. Pick it up and go down using the nearby stairs. Now, leave the track and make your way to the boat tour office located in front of the Jetty. Here, use the crowbar and enter the office.

Make sure that you are not seen by people around you while doing so. Once you gain access to the inside, pick up the rat poison. This is the poison that you will need to eliminate your next target. Now, your next step is to find a new disguise. Go to the jetty and you will see a weird man there smoking. Subdue him when no one is around and get his disguise.

There’s a container nearby where you can hide the body. Do not forget to hide the body or a guard will see it. While taking the disguise, pick up the food stall key as well because you will now operate a food stall at the race day. The stall is located in the park down the marina. Head there and serve some customers until Robert Knox shows up.

When he comes to the shack, cook something for him, poison it and give it to Robert. After eating, he will feel sick and will go the water nearby to throw up. Follow him and kick him to kill him. Now that both targets are eliminated, it is time to escape from the area. You can easily head to any of the exits in the area to finish the mission.

For a detailed guide on Miami such as all disguises, points of interests and more, check out our Hitman 2 Miami Walkthrough Guide. For more Hitman 2 Silent Assassin Guides, click here.

This concludes our Hitman 2 Miami Silent Assassin Walkthrough Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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