Hitman 2 Beginner’s Guide – Exploration, Loadouts, Instinct Mode

Hitman 2 Beginner's Guide

In this Hitman 2 Beginner’s Guide, we will guide you on some of the important elements of Hitman 2 that you must keep in mind if you are just starting with Hitman 2. Even if you are a series veteran, some of these strategies and tricks will come in handy for you. There are different mechanics of the game that you will need to be very careful about and if you are not well informed about them, you will not be able to complete the missions easily.

We have curated this Hitman 2 Beginner’s Guide in which we have detailed everything that you will need to know to start your journey as the world’s best assassin in Hitman 2. We will guide you on choosing loadouts, exploring maps, how to approach targets and even how you can get some disguises in the game. Apart from that we will also share some basic tips and tricks with you regarding gameplay and using stealth to your advantage.

Beginner’s Guide – Hitman 2

Our Hitman 2 Beginner’s Guide details everything that you need to know in order to start playing Hitman 2 and assassinate all of your targets easily in the game.

Use Instinct Mode

Probably the best mechanic of Hitman 2 is the Instinct Mode. If you are new to the game, you will need to rely on this super helpful mode a lot. When you use the Instinct Mode, everything that could interest you is marked on the screen so you can easily see different opportunities and other useful tools and equipment lying around.

In lower difficulties, you will get plenty of Instinct to play around with. It will recharge quickly so you can use it a lot more. If you just starting with the game, we recommend that you stick with lower difficulties so that you can understand how game mechanics work.

Instinct Mode will mark everything on the screen ranging from targets, objects that you can interact with and other objects that you can pick up on the screen. If you are stuck, use it and it will highlight everything for you so that you can quickly develop a story. It will also mark storage compartments and other wardrobes where you can hide bodies.

Do Not Rush

Hitman 2 is a game which is meant to be played in a relaxed mood and one game that is not meant to be rushed specially if it is your first Hitman game. The game offers you plenty of areas just waiting to be explored in each map, multiple approaches to kill your targets and many hidden disguises and tools. You can only find them if you take your time and explore the maps thoroughly.

As you explore different areas in a game, you will get to know what sort of enemies are present in different areas and how you can access them. Different people will be roaming around that you can take down and disguise yourself as them to access restricted areas. Sometimes hearing what NPCs have to say will also unlock new opportunities for you to avail.

Choose Your Disguises Wisely

Each map will offer you a variety of different disguises that you can choose to explore the map and reach otherwise restricted areas. However, one disguise will not work in all locations. You will need to keep switching disguises to cater to the new area of the map. Sometimes higher level disguises will be able to see right through you and in such cases you will be required to pick a disguise which represents a higher rank.

Keep any eye out for enforcers as they will see right through your disguises. You cannot fool them, keep your distance from them. Keep switching disguises and you will be fine. Whenever you enter a new location, your old disguise will no longer work and people will start to get suspicious of you. Hence always switch to disguises which work in new locations.

Explore All Opportunities

Each map has different opportunities or paths by which you can eliminate your targets. You can open the ‘Opportunities’, ‘Challenges’ or ‘Mission Stories’ tab in the game to check for all the different types of paths allowed in each mission. They will give you a very clear hint of different ways to tackle with your target.

This also works if you are stuck and do not know how to approach a situation. These tabs will give you hints as to how you can eliminate your targets. Use them often and try to complete as many as possible. They will give you more understanding of each level and once you have completed most of these challenges and opportunities, you will be the master of the level.

Choose Your Loadout

Before starting a map, you will be given the opportunity to use a pre-set loadout for the map or choose a custom loadout. You can always go with the pre-set loadout but a true Hitman always uses his own custom loadouts for eliminating his targets. When you are choosing your loadout, always consider what sort of gameplay you are going for.

If you want a peaceful, stealthy approach then you should opt for silenced weapons and knives. If you want to a noisier and in-the-face approach, you can opt for assault rifles as well. Although you can acquire most of the weapons and other items in the levels as well, some of the advanced gear such as Sniper Rifles can only be obtained via special Hitman suitcases hidden in your desired spot.

The loadout screen will also present you will different other options such as starting locations and starting disguises. You can play around in the loadout section and pick any option to make your run as unique as possible. We recommend that you complete a level at least once before you opt for different starting locations and disguised starts to get the full Hitman experience.

Explore the Map

Last but not the least, we highly recommend that you explore the complete map. The maps are beautiful, full of activity and open opportunities. As you explore the map, you will find more ways on how to kill your target. You will find more items, more weapons and more disguises if you explore the map thoroughly rather than just focusing on your target and finding the quickest way to kill them.

The map itself is wonderful to explore. Even if you decide to skip the killing and focus on the lively world around you, you will be amazed at how much more you will get to know about the area. There are also some hidden scenarios hidden in each map that you can only find if you explore the map.

Always Hide the Bodies

We understand that picking up bodies and hiding them is hard work but trust us, it will save you a lot of trouble especially when you have the target in the right position and some one finds a body in another part of the map and the opportunity is ruined for you. We recommend that you always hide bodies of any enemies that you knock out or kill on your way to the target.

You will find a lot of different places to hide bodies. Each level is full of wardrobes, boxes, storage containers and even off the map places such as lakes, balconies and other such areas where you can just dump the bodies and away from prying eyes. Cleaning up your footsteps is always a good Hitman’s priority.

This concludes our Hitman 2 Beginner’s Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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